Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Some time ago the screen of my laptop stopped working. So I dug out an old monitor and cabled it up. That's one of the reasons I don't post here as much. I'd feel the Muse, or she'd feel me, and I was off and running, or something. I could do something with that metaphor, but it would be too sexy for you. I just don't feel like taking notes, is all, for these little divertissement.

There was something about hope and belief. No, proud and humble. American leaders should be both proud and humble. You know, half of what Obama is, but for the opposite reason. He's proud and wants America humble. But I thought, proud and humble -- or in other words, knowing you are blessed.

The Class President of the United States has taken the nuclear option off the table. If Iran does what it's promising to do, say, to Israel, well ... nothing. We'll sanction Canada. Find some ally to stiff. Lord, you people are so stupid. Look what you did. Obama. Lord. That's what happens when morons vote. Please, don't vote. I am sorely disillusioned with democracy. Panem et circenses -- what demagogues are best at. Yes, in case you hadn't seen it yet, because you live at the bottom of a well and light manifests itself to you only as a small distant circle directly over your minuscule brainpan, that's the dictionary definition to perfection of what Obama is. A demagogue.

You've heard him hectoring lecturing the student body of America with his marathon nonresponses. I myself am the village explainer, but I have a capacity for self-awareness that includes an off switch. Obama, as has been observed, talks until he thinks of something to say. It's not that he's stupid. Glib. A profoundly superficial guy.

At a time like this, he has orchestrated an unprecedented government intrusion into private lives. What, is there a war on? No, there's a war ending. So that means we should have less freedom, it seems. During an economic crisis, BO arranges to ruin the most dynamic healthcare system in the world. Flaws? No, it's perfect, stupid. Of course it's flawed. So? Economic crisis, so he moves to save the world from atmospheric carbon, otherwise known as Western Civilization. You know, because CO2, that stuff the animal kingdom exhales and the vegetable kingdom breathes, is a pollutant. And during the soon to end war, no matter the outcome, he continues to rebuke our friends and caress our enemies. Hasn't Ahmadinejad ejaculated yet? Cuz my rearend is getting sore. Metaphorically speaking. Told you it would be too sexy for you.

The point is, you are very very very stupid. You may have ruined this country, which is the only material hope of the world. You elected the most unqualified character with the worst judgment ever. You made us the United Mistakes of Wonderland. This cannot have been an accident. You must have done it on purpose. Because even though I said you are so dumb, you can't be that dumb. You believed him? You thought the Community Organizer could manifest Hope and Change? Lord. It's not that you're a slut. It's just that you're always pregnant by different strangers. Cuz of your lack of judgment and common sense, see. Because the first guy who comes along with a sweet lie gets everything he wants from you. And the second guy. And the third. Oh, let's face it. All the guys. Cuz you are very very stupid.

There are no magic beans, Einstein. Those were turds that you traded the cow for. Likewise with the Golden Goose. You killed it, because you are so stupid, because you thought goose spatter was golden eggs. Dumb, see? Here, let me sell you some lottery tickets. They've already lost, but that should make no difference to you. Maybe they'll Change, and become new? Let's Hope so. Yes We Can.

So, in conclusion, you are very dumb.


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Anonymous said...

"Obama, as has been observed, talks until he thinks of something to say."

Wish I'd said that. As a matter of fact, I probably will.