Monday, May 24, 2010


If Mexico does not have the longest armed border in the world, it is because it does not have the longest border in the world. I speak of course of its southern border. However, when the president of Mexico comes to the assembled bodies of Congress and presumes to lecture us about rule of law, it is not, not I say, hypocrisy. The cowards and traitors and loathsome anti-American scum whom stupid stupid stupid Americans have elected to high office -- those monsters of self-seeking are the hypocrites.

Oh my. I seem to have become abusive in my emotionality. No matter. It's my Qbama Derangement Syndrome acting up. One government pill, please.

The Mexican leader was, in fact, doing his job. Looking out for his people. In this case, Calderon was looking out for them by trying to get them out of his toilet of a country, and into the promised land to the north. It is what those poor wretches trapped below his own southern border are trying to do. Somehow, Calderon's land of deprivation is yet superior to those which lie even more southward. Is the equator, then, hell itself?

If only we had such a leader. One who argued forcefully for the advantage of his nation's interest. Instead we have an entire political party that stands and cheers in the face of blatant political manipulation. Calderon must have been, secretly, astounded. Or perhaps he had a finger on the wavering, faltering pulse of our Left. In any case, his words must have been crafted primarily for home consumption. His homeland, I mean. Well, I should be even more clear. Mexico. The left does not recognize a meaningful distinction between the two sides of the border. The Left does not understand the meaning of borders.

For whom did the traitorous leftist political hacks in Congress actually stand and cheer? Meaningless question, as formulated. They cheered against something. Against the specific of Arizona and its federated sovereignty -- the Left hates states' rights -- and against American sovereignty. They cheered against American exceptionalism. Yes, I think this makes them traitors. To truth. Honestly, they should know better.

Compare then the left with the right. The left sees shades of gray. This is a good thing. Life is complex. Real life has not so very many villains. Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's literature that has few real villains. Good writers give their characters meaningful and convincing motivations, and when we understand motives, we acknowledge humanity and human worth. The left should be good at seeing this. Perhaps that's why writers, and artistic types in general, tend to the left.

As for the right, it's not more simple. It's more complex. Because sophisticated conservatives also see the gray. We see it. It's just that after we see the gray, we still know that a decision has to be made. We have to come down on one side or the other. Black or white. The left, perpetually adolescent, cannot choose. When there is gray, that is. In the black and white matter of left v right, they need not waver because they need not think. The matter is decided. Matters of dogma, you see, are decided, when you have a religion. And Leftism is a religion.

As you can see, I have no difficulty in choosing sides. No ideologue does. Nothing wrong with that. How do we discern rightly? I think it's a many are called few are chosen thing. I think it's a sort of election. I think it's the difference between salvation and damnation. Some people have garbage for souls, and they chose hell. Some people love truth, even when they are wrong, and they have the courage and patience and luck to search and perhaps find. They have the modesty to do so. They see the gray, and use it to guide them into the light.

I've said it before. There is corruption everywhere. No country is without it. The difference is that when Americans find it, they hate it and try to stop it. Mexico institutionalizes it. For shame. So that the Mexican president comes here to shed his darkness, and is lauded and feted for it, by the party of institutional corruption, we will not be dismayed. Our indignation will propel us to resolve, and our contempt will be a spur to greater honor.

America is still the light of the world, humanly speaking. Even in this dim time, ruled as we are by ignobility as Ahab ruled Israel, and even in our growing infirmity of purpose, our rush to embrace corruption, we still retain enough of our ancient character to outshine the rest of the world combined. As Arizona outshines so many of her fallen sisters.

To demand that just laws be obeyed is the very soul of civilization. How can this have been forgotten?


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Profitsbeard said...

A country without borders is like a body without skin.

Flayed is fatal in both cases.