Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mission Accomplished

I have found my theme. It's just that I don't want to write on it. Like talking about what a whore your mother is. Even if she is, it is not meet to speak publicly of such things. Speaking truth can be as shaming as speaking lies.

Qbama. The hectoring quipmaster. The two-faced bullyboy. The finger-pointing uniter. The most transparent obfuscator ever. Truly, how stupid are we? -- or must we seem? First, to have elected this block organizer, and then to allow ourselves to be treated as we are? Hopefully we know enough about crises centers to escape before the battering becomes terminal.

It's the "boot on the neck" thing. Really? Really? Boot on the neck? And it doesn't lead the news? Dan Brokaw or rather his latest hairdoo teleprompter-reader doesn't simply repeat that one phrase over and over for the entire news half-hour? From the current president of the United States? -- or rather, from a haute mandarin of his machine? Of an entity, corporate, with which this nation is not currently at war? "Boot on the neck"? Should we then drive it into the sea, this Satanic thing over which Qbama towers erect in his administrative boots? So masterful, in his diktat -- "plug the damn hole."

My, all of a sudden I'm all quivery and sado-homoerotic. Sup wit dat?

Politics is such a messy business, all that compromise and negotiating and not getting my way. Business is messy. All this mess, this damn mess. It should be neat, not messy. I just won't tolerate it, this "business" stuff. From now on, it's going to be just the way I say. Enough with all this discussion and disagreement. You can ride in my car, but I'm driving, my way, as fast as I like, and you just shut the hell up in the back there and learn your place, which is token window dressing. I'll trot you out so you can do a little buck and wing to the tune I whistle, but then you just sit back down and nod your head when I talk. Get it? Stupid? Cuz I am always the smartest one in the room, and when I talk, you agree. Bitch. America, my bitch. That's right, bitch. You like that? Sure you do. I mean, why else did you elect me?

I am the Man of the Hour. I am Destiny's Child. I am The One. I shall ascend the Mountain of God. I shall be like the Most High.


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