Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sins of Omission

Qbama has finally noticed that he's 7 times less competent than W was. If memory serves, it took Bush 5 days to get himself to the hurricane, and, what, 40 days? -- let's call it 40 days, the number of judgment -- for Qbama to bestir himself and break away from his golf and fundraising and hectoring and daily interview-giving and press-conference-not-giving-except once-every-10-months. Well, he's been busy.

But off he flew at last to look at tarballs in the gulf. "I hereby decree that there shall be no tarballs in this gulf!" And it was so! Because, well, not nature nor the unnatural can resist Qbama and his will. Except, no, it wasn't so after all, because someone has to take the blame and it's BP.

A random sampling excerpted from Qbama Administration Apparatchiks: "BP blah blah blah blaaaa BP blah BP evil blah blah boots BP Republicans blah blah blappity BP BP for 8 years evil blah blah BP."

In his press conference (the duration between which coincides nicely with the gestation period of an elephant -- which is also the average length of one of his press-conference responses), Qbama had many revealing things to say. He nuanced the admission that our borders, Arizona's border, is "not entirely sealed". Lord, what a thing to say. It's like saying the house is locked up, except for all the doors. Y'see, it's just not entirely sealed. My bank is not entirely locked up. My submarine is not entirely waterproof. My blood is not entirely outside of my body. It's just ... these pesky little leaks.

The ocean floor is not entirely without leaks.

Qbama is not entirely competent.

But finally, and most telling, was when Qbama was asked about the racist-lead boycott against Arizona. His response? It left my ears ringing. He said, and I quote with the correct actual words, "I am the President of the United States, and blah blah blapity blah blah..."

Need I even comment?

Yes. Has any president ever uttered those words before? It seems incredible. On so many levels. At best, I would hope he says it with incredulity. That's how I say it. He is president?!? Unbelievable. But of course Qbama says it with smugness, glibness, lightly, although the words are portentous. And because, somehow, Qbama is president, he deems it inappropriate to actually approve outloud with literal words the racist-lead boycott against one of the States United under Qbama's titular leadership.

So that's a good thing. Qbama has a sense of what is appropriate. It's a case of where he did not kick up his feet in the Oval Office, resting them on the desk at which Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation -- the spiritual desk, the living breathing penumbral desk -- the Desk of the President of the United States. It's a case of where he did not bow deeply from the waist before foreign sovereigns.

Ah well. That's what words are for. To reveal our innermost thoughts. Or to hide them, and by the attempt to cast their dragon-like silhouette. As when Qbama pronounced the idea that this oil catastrophe was bad for our people, our community and our souls. Or our populace, our neighborhoods and our spirits. Or our environment, our shoreline and our villages. Whatever. Point is, the moment he pronounced his eloquent sagacity, a clanging omission made itself obnoxious to my ears. Something was missing, oh so very very missing, from that list of things, whatever his point, that Qbama eloquented. Nation. Nation. Bad for our nation.

Why oh why did he not think of the nation? Why only our souls or shoreline or communities? Is he the Community Organizer of the United States? -- the President of the Shoreline? Country, Mr. Obama. Country. Sadly, Mr. Obama has just recently perorated his lecture note that "a nation is not defined by its borders. [This is where I refrain from enunciating a level of vulgarity that would shrivel your ovaries.] So, uh, I guess maps too are a living breathing thing. That's why they don't make Thomas Guides anymore, if they don't.

I have to say that Qbama appears to be contradictering himself, by orating one way and acting, or not, another. Yes, yes, he is the Contradictinger.

We'll have to watch for that from now on. It is his legacy. Qbama, the Great Self-Contradictinger.


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