Thursday, June 17, 2010

Darkness and Darkness Again

Indeed, I do seem to be busy. But I suppose there should be some comment on the stupid city I live near. LA. Lawless *ssholes. How to you capitalize an asterisk?

Why do the morons riot and burn when their team WINS? Because they are scum. Is LA cursed with an excess of scum? Well, yes. Not American scum, mind you, but it is American scum who tolerate it. There is a choice, between cities of law, and sities of "sanctuary" from the law. In this case I have to confess that I am very Old Testament indeed. No city of refuge for the rioters.

And the police force ... but I use the wrong word. The police enablers stand by, sort of in riot gear, but with they're arms folded, mostly. Because the scum coward pols so instruct them. LA has the worst mayor of any large city in America. The worst council. They have ruined the city. It isn't unsalvageable, the way America was not unsalvageable after Carter. It's just that it took a Reagan. You know, leadership and guts. Guilliani. That's why he was my guy. Not my kind of conservative, but it's about results, about competence, as the current Speech-Giver in Chief so painfully illustrates by negative example.

There is, really, a part of me that wants a massacre. Find the rioting scum, and gun them down. Fear if God. But in LA, when you riot, you get to sue. It's the Neo-American Way ... you know, the Obama Way. So BP has a rig that's leaking, "leaking" a lot of oil. So get the CEO and have him listen to Congressional speechmakers for a week or two. Cuz, uh, that's how the problem will get fixed. It's all about speechifying. Even Israel is changing its blockade. Backing down all over. The lights are going out all over the world.

Obama's solution is to put BP out of business. What, it's too close to BO? None shall follow after him? Is he Harod? 20 billion, to be administered by, uh, Obama. And we can be utterly assured that every penny will go to the victims. None of it at all will be wasted. No no no. That's the Chicago Way. Efficiency. Yep.

I can hardly stand it.



Will C. said...
Says it all...
You need to pack up move to TX...or SC even!

bob k. mando said...