Saturday, June 26, 2010

Days and Days

Oy, there's lots to say. I just don't have a convenient computer all day long, and I am a creature of mood. Something about how small Obama is. Tiny at that gigantic Presidential desk he hid behind during his well-read meaningless speech. Like most lean men, he's best seen in motion. Long behind a lectern, small behind a desk. Things of real substance diminish him. Like, uh, the Constitution. Holy water to a vampire. Natural enemies.

Yes, FP is now dedicated entirely to Obama bashing.

Personal stuff? I'm just not inclined to go there. Things are both somewhat unsettled, and leveled out. I've been getting hardly any sleep, on the verge of getting sick, but just slipping its punch. Rolling a little bit -- -- digging out my old gis, and finding that most of them seem to be far too small. I don't know why I have them. Just don't remember them. Had a big pile, and washed them all, and only a few of them are usable. But I'm finding which ones at least. This will be my third round -- first was the 3 years that ended in idiocy, second was the six months that ended 7 months ago. Now I hope to be starting up again.

Haven't trained fitness this month, hardly at all. Four or five times. I must have lost 5 or so pounds. Not eating enough. Probably looking pretty gaunt ... I tend to gaunt if I'm not mindful. Let's call it Lincolnesque. Once on the road he was stopped by an old woman who informed him that he was just about the ugliest man she'd ever seen. He said, "Ma'am, I can't help my face." She replied, "No, I guess not. But you could stay home." I however am quite beautiful.

Maybe I'll go back to commenting on daily politics, or about history.



bob k. mando said...

you've been losing weight ...

but your gis are still too SMALL?

Jack H said...

Something about hot water and cotton.