Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Complete History of the Millennium So Far

Oh forget it. Good idea though. Some news wonk should do it. I'm donating the premise to, um, MoveOn or some like-minded philanthropic not-for-profit. Start with the Summer of the Shark. Y2K is too soon. Oh, no, wait ... hanging chads. Then how 9-11 was an inside job, and how there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction. Uh, Gitmo and Abu Ghraib. Al Gore again, but this time how he Saved the Planet. And then the Messiah came, and at the same time there are Trials and Tribulations. We'll just overlook how the eschatological order there is wrong. Bush can be the Beast.

Just got yet another stripe on my already-very-high bjj belt. I don't want to brag and say what the belt is, but it's a REALLY high rank. And this makes it 18 or 20 stripes. I can't be bothered to count ... but it's practically a white belt again. LOL!!! I've been lobbying pretty hard for promotion, cuz I'm so good n stuff. Getting some of my influential friends to make phone calls. And I'm not above nagging and pouting and letting air out of tires to help get the message out. Gotta stay on top of these things. Ambition -- it's what I'm about.

So that's another thing that MoveOn should include in the history to date of the millennium.

They're keeping my stepfather for a couple of months. My incoherent mother said they said something was wrong with his nuclear brain. I haven't tried to puzzle out what that means. But it's simply not working. Rehab prognosis negative. So there's talk of nursing homes. Just heard two different pieces on neglect in nursing homes. Hmm.

So while I was visiting in her house, she's on the phone in another room using a fairly aggressive tone. Phrases like "man up" and "you are a racist" and "be real for once". It was a tad surprising, since they haven't seen each other for 33 years, but she was speaking to my father, I deduced. I mean, a phony racist who needs to man up ... who else? I didn't get into it, at all. But clearly he's at sea about why my eldest brother refuses to see him. Bro married a little foreign teenager, and my father is not respectful about that. I've told the delightful anecdote of how my father was, um, involved with a teenager of his own, back when I lived in his house. But she was white. So, like, that's okay then.

Kind of creaky today. Loosened up when I rolled a little, but my sleep is erratic and I've been neglectful of my diet. Starting strength training again. Gotta find a viable workload. Feeling it in the lower back from the deadlifts, but no danger. Just amping it up. Squats need commitment. But I've been treading water too long.

That all. The end of history.


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