Friday, December 17, 2010


It's not a matter of who has the most. It's a matter of whose it is. If they have the most, it's theirs. Should they share? Sure, why not. Should they be forced to share? Sure, in times of most dire need. But in times of freedom? Western, Judeo-Christian, liberty-loving civilization does not lightly use coercive force to redistribute wealth. So, while I have no love of the "rich", I have no antipathy toward them. Indeed, I suffer from a life-long deficit of envy. Had I more of it, I would have been more focused, more materially ambitious. This is not a bad thing. Jesus after all praises the land-owner who builds more granaries. Just do it wisely.

So the Pelosi creature -- who deliberates, if at all, only after the words have come out of her mouth -- plops out her syllables like horse droppings ... the shape, texture and size of elephant dung, but she would dispute the GOP connection ... ah, let's call it donkey droppings. Now, where was I. She evacuates her vocabulary like cholera -- but now I've changed the imagery, more of a disarticulate fluid, but never mind. Pelosi employs her death rattle, if a zombie can ever really die, to gurgle out something about how bad the rich are. Because it's better to be poor? She wants us all to be Kenyans.

I don't know. Maybe it's a famous internet picture. Dr. Obama. New to me, and deeply, deeply, deeply offensive.
I mean, imagine a blond guy depicted as a Viking. Imagine a guy from Texas -- say, a president maybe -- shown as a cowboy. Out of bounds, dude, totally. Politics is so dirty. I feel unclean just seeing it. Cuz isn't it all racist or something? I know the Viking thing is. I am frequently offended by offhanded slurs against my heritage. I think there's a professional athletics association named Vikings. Really hatespeachish. And the way these darkhaired people are always bleaching themselves to look like me? Totally racist of them. Yeah, there are plenty of dumb blondes ... BLEACHED blondes, like Julian Assange, but maybe he's just gone gray, cuz he used drugs. But anyway there are dumb "blondes" like there are dumb "blacks" -- "whites" who "tan" themselves. Fuckers.

But I'm avoiding the issue, I see. I got a message just now that my father wants a Seasons Greetings "family" get-together. The Nightmare Before Xmas. Maybe I can leave the state for a while? Because honesty and genuine communication is unacceptable, for so many reasons. I keep hoping he'll mean it, when he sends his deeply deeply offensive letters indicating he's done with me. But the lies of liars have nothing to do with truth. They exist in and of themselves.

I'm trapped.

Please, then, understand the power that parents have, and always will. It is, and is more than, the power that older adults have over the impressionable and vulnerable. Children are not there for their parents. Parents, for children. Not as indulgers. Trainers. Current sacrifice, on the part of both parties, for future blessings. Case in point, myself, who is not there for an aged father, who when younger was not there for his sons. I know, I'm a hypocrite. This is not a time for balanced reciprocation -- no time for justice. Mercy, and grace. But I'm afraid not. That rood I mean root is cut. I trust my own son has issues far less acute.

But I'm starting strength training again. Finding my numbers. Got a program. Deadlifts and squats. 5 reps, 3 sets, 2 minute rests. 255 deadlifts -- not so bad after taking seven months off. Slow and easy. We shall see.


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