Friday, January 14, 2011

Blood Libel

All right, moron, let's take your retarded premise "seriously" for the few moments it will take to confirm your invincible stupidity. (You know, Sarah Palin is, like, totally a terrorist and evil.  Examples of your stupidity here, here, etc.)

 President Garfield was killed by Charles Julius Guiteau,
who wanted to be made ambassador to Paris, which is the capital of France, in Europe. When his dream was dashed by the cold reality of his complete lack of qualifications -- like, sanity -- God told him to buy a gun. Having plagiarized a book on theology, Guiteau counted himself sensitive to the Lord's will, secured a revolver -- not as pearl-handled as he had wished -- and killed Garfield. At trial his defense was that he was legally but not medically insane. All the while he was planning his triumphal post-trial lecture tour and campaign to run for president in 1884. On the scaffold, he asked for an orchestra to play so he could sing a poem he had written: "I Am Going to the Lordy."

McKinley was shot by Leon Czolgosz,

 anarchist of the Emma Goldman flock. The president had to die because, uh, there are rich people. Bang. Czolgosz was electrocuted, zap, his body dissolved in sulfuric acid and his papers and clothes were burned. Good riddance.

Kennedy? Well aside from the Mafia, which does not exist, and the CIA, and Castro and Johnson,

and, uh, all the others involved in the conspiracy, like the Dallas police, there was Oswald.

Who was a Marxist.

Theodore Roosevelt was shot but not killed by John Flammang Schrank.
TR, with a bullet lodged in his chest, continued to give his speech, for another ninety minutes. As for Schrank, he wrote poetry and was told by God in a dream to avenge McKinley's death. So, of course, what else could he do? He spent the rest of his life in an insane asylum.

FDR was shot at by Giuseppe Zangara,
a delusional bricklayer, who instead shot five other people, killed a woman and Anton Cermak the mayor of Chicago, who threw himself into the line of fire. Zangara's motive: he hated rich and powerful people, because of talk radio and especially Rush and also Sarah Palin because she used the term blood libel. (You are stupid.)

Truman was shot at by Puerto Rican leftists, Oscar Collazo, right,
and Griselio Torresola.

Ford was shot at by Manson freak Squeaky Fromme
and by hardcore radical Sarah Jane Moore
definitely related as a matter of absolute fact to michael moore.

Samuel Byck
-- a Sean Penn look-alike
-- was a psychiatric patient, Jewish, who tried to join the Black Panthers and also incidentally wanted to fly a plane into the White House, to kill Nixon because the government conspired to oppress the poor. He killed the pilot and co-pilot, then himself. Bang bang bang.

Reagan was shot by John Hinkley
to impress Jody Foster.
The madman thought Jody would be interested in a man of his ... caliber.

Saddam Hussein Obama
tried to get HW. So, another madman.

Frank Corder,
a drug dealer, tried to fly a plane into Clinton. Francisco Duran
fired 29 rounds at what he thought was Clinton. Tourists tackled him. His defense at trial was that he was trying to save the world from a mist fed by an umbilical cord connected to a space alien hidden in the lofty mountains of Colorado. He might not have been insane.

Robert Pickett,
emotionally problematic and employmently aggrieved, stood this side of the fence and unloaded a handgun at the W White House. Sentenced to three years. The gun, which is the real criminal, got off scot free again. Then on 9-11 some moslems tried to sneak into Bush's motel room in Florida.

These two pasty geniuses,
Paul Schlesselman and Daniel Cowart, had it against Obobo, as did these three, Shawn Adolf, Tharin Gartrell and Dwaine Johnson ('The Rock' -- he looks different in his movies),
also geniuses and at least as smart as you, moron. All White Supremecists, the best thing to be of course, very smart, the same as you, so of course their target was the Kenyan, but only the black half. Is that how you spell supremicists? Yes, that's how YOU spell supremecists.

So that's about it then. Everyone who's gone for a president. I'm not forgetting anyone, am I? Can't think of anyone. No, that's about it. Well, I've left out some boring ones. But, yep. Uh, right. Done. But it just seems like maybe I ... maybe I'm forgetting someone? OH! LOL!!! Silly me!!!!!! LINCOLN! HAHAHAHA!!!!!! Killed by a Democrat.

So your point, moron, that conservatives are dangerous -- well it kind of turns out that you are a moron, don't it. Assassins are all insane, or democrats, or islamists, or potheads. People who listen to their dreams and want government jobs. So, stupid, your lie that Sarah Palin is responsible for Jarad Shit, well, you are a moron. And the term, blood libel, used by her to characterize your stupidity -- by hearkening to another scurrilous cowardly pattern of lying accusation by other bigots of your ilk -- seems pretty apt. Jews never used the blood of Christian babies in their Passover feast. And talk radio does not incite violence. Well, maybe from White Supremecists, against Obama. I'll give you that one. But they're not conservatives. They are however as stupid as you are, difference being that they believe their lies whereas you are just a lying moron. You are a Moron Supremecist. That's how you spell supremecist.

You are stupid.


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