Monday, January 10, 2011

The Latest Eh-Hole

Whatever this latest eh-hole's name is. Jared. Jared Shit? Whatever. "Please don't be mad at me." No, I'm not mad. It's just that I'd like justice. An equal amount of pain should be levied upon him, as he has provided to others. Justice. Impossible of course. Like Virginia Tech. Like 9-11. Stupid people made evil by their actions. We're all stupid, sometimes. Hardly any of us have the poor judgement to manifest said stupidity into reality. Yes, we do create our own reality -- the New Agers are right, if there are any New Agers anymore. Is my terminology out of date? No more hippies, I know. Um, Emo? Global Warmists? They are all of a piece, these Emotionalists -- and correct, in thinking globally and acting locally.

Jared Shit acted locally, per his anarchist and/or Satanist handbook, the result being a little dead nine year old girl, and some dead old people protecting their spouses, and a dead judge, and then a score or so of wounded. Some heroism, bystanders leaping toward the gunfire instead of away. Thus, even in horror there is beauty. Thank you God, for including a capacity for nobility in this world of general materiality.

Jared Shit, I hear, lived in his parent's hillbilly shack with tar buckets on the porch, and was kicked out of the Y and the library and the local community college, and declined entry into the army, and he'd dress as a hippie one day and as a rasta the next and hip hop after that. Just trying to find himself -- an anus in search of some butt cheeks. My metaphors in this topic tend to the scatological.

Whom shall we blame for Jared Shit's actions ... other than himself, of course. Enlightened as we are, we know how complex such matters must be. His schizophrenia, no doubt, we must blame. Who after all can resist voices telling us to do a thing? The fact that there is a lifetime of such voices, external, and real, telling us to act rightly -- this fact shall be ignored. The excuse of a mental disorder will be sufficient to excuse these murders. And of course talk radio, and the Tea Party. Sarah Palin is a root cause, no doubt -- it must be a certainty that Jared Shit studied her website, on which there was a certain congress woman's name, somehow associated with crosshairs. QED.

The sheriff of Pima County is to be excused, in his emotional rhetoric maligning talk radio. The logic isn't very sound, and his grasp of history is poor -- but his point was that civility should be valued. On the topic of free speech, Dick Durbin, Dhem Sen of Ill, confused himself by wondering, "Don't we have an obligation, those of us in public life and those who cover us to say, 'This is beyond the bounds. It may be constitutionally permissible, but it shouldn't be acceptable rhetoric? We owe it to our own in both political parties to have at least the good sense and common decency when people say these outrageous things to say, 'Wait a minute, that just goes too far, whether it comes from the right or from the left."

Um. No? It should not be acceptable? It should be forbidden? Sir. Outrageous, incivil, stupid speech is, must be, and shall remain acceptable in the public forum. I have every right to be wrong and to be offensive. It's called freedom, and it works both ways, to your pleasure and to your discomfiture. And as for things that may be constitutionally permissible, such as free speech, which may be permissible, constitutionally, well, sir, you are the reason we need a Constitution. What would you forbid, without it? The answer is apparent. Free speech, and the right of self-defense as provided for through the right to bear arms. As for the degree of incivility, it is a reflection not of a change in human nature, but of a coarsening of broadcast standards. The knowledgeable reader will call to mind the Alien and Sedition Act, in point of support.

... Oh, wait. I see I've been unfair. Dick Turgid excused his disrespect for the Constitution and covered his ass by adding some boilerplate verbiage about common decency. So that's all right then. Never mind. On the one hand he belittles the Constitution, but he makes it all right with a fix-it appeal to emotion. See?

As for the latest coward child-murderer, he was planning on killing himself. So he wouldn't have to deal with the consequences. Planning ahead is a good thing. Forgiveness? My position should be apparent by now. It is not for me to forgive. I am not harmed by the murder of children I do not know. I mean, abortion is legal, right? And I no longer distress myself over this fact. He surely needs forgiving. Where will he find it? In the hearts of his living victims? -- or from the loved ones of the dead? From God, who created or at least allows Hell? I really don't care. It's not my problem. Justice, not mercy, is the proper concern of society and its instruments. Let us then try to approximate justice.

I regret that he has but one life to give for his crimes. Sadly, the coward does not die a thousand deaths.


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