Wednesday, April 13, 2011


N had his surgery Friday, went well. Reattached his Achilles tendon. Ah well. Live and learn.

What. It's been a while? It's not that I have nothing to say. Too much, really. Overwhelming. So, Obama? Omama? Imagine the arrogance of Kuhdaffy, calling Omama his son. Wrong on so many levels. I hadn't thought about it before, but arrogance amounts to stupidity. Hmm. Maybe I'd better reconsider my self-esteem. Because I'm so dang smart, see?

Someone pointed it out, and I found it amusing. They compare Omama to FDR. Well, yes -- gigantic expansion of government. And to Lincoln, somehow ... uh, I don't know why. And to ... wait for it ... Reagan. LOL. In other words, Omama is all things to all men, women or otherly gendered. You know, he is without discernible character. Unlimited. Like fog. Where ever there's a hole, he'll slip in. Maybe I'm thinking of clinton?

Of course our egos define us. God's ego defines him. He is what he is. The trick is seeing ourselves clearly. See others too, clearly. Through the fog. Hopefully there is something, someone there ... you know, a character. Obama is what he seems to be. A talker. Um. Uh, y-y-y-y'see? Him up there in front of the flags, constructing the reality of the moment with his words, believing them as all good story-tellers must. Contradictions within the same teleprompted paragraph, unnoticed of course, because the first contradiction is in the past, and we are not to be bound by precedent or consistency. That's what fundamental change is all about. Changing the fundamentals. Old foundation, truth? Time for a new truth. Forget that wisdom is knowing the things that do not change. We will hope change into existence.

I was just reminded, men fix, women feel. Obama is the perfect androgyne. Both hope (feeling) and change (fixing). No wonder he won. Note to Republicans: incorporate contradictions in your next slogan. Oxymoronic. Local globalism! Every man a king!

Alas. These are sad times. We have a literal moron leading us. Moronic in his incapacity to recognize actual reality. Leading in the sense of talking a lot. Lord. America is about energy. Not freedom, not law, not justice not wealth, not opportunity. We are what we are, because we can be. Can because of available resources. Energy. So my state is raising taxes of course, not reducing spending, importing poor unskilled illegals to drain the infrastructure, undermining the values that gave us value ... for what? Well, for the payoff of any addiction. A feeling.

Now I'm irritated. Why do you do this to me. Just leave me alone.


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