Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Moron of the United States

No, for this one time, it's not Obobo. Trump. Moron. Trumoronp. He gives carnival barkers a bad name. Obobo released his birth certificate, and The Moron, Trump in this case, does a lovely little angry dance like Rumpelstiltskin singsonging or droning rather that he has cleared up this burning rash I mean controversy. He wants to LOOK at it of course, because he's such a documents-expert, as we may deduce from his sundry bankruptcies and divorces, but at least finally we can move on. Thanks for that, Trumpette.

So now what, Don? Is Biden's driver's license really current? Check it out, dude. Dispatch Meatloaf and Gary Busey to, uh, Dover. Is Star Jones available? Well, of course. But vital questions require extreme measures. The Duck, The Donald of Death says he has accomplished what no one else has been able to. Indeed, a triviality has been accomplished: Umbaby released his bc in the long-format version. I am reminded of the Second Circle of Hell, where those driven in life by lust are now blown about like leaves in the tempest, chasing after ... what? Oh, yes, birth certificates. Some additional play on Trump's name seems appropriate. Something perhaps about a Busted Flush?

Ah well, I confess I have a dog in this fight. My son was born in Australia. The Moron and those of that ilk would say my son could not be president. The idea is profoundly offensive. The anchor babies of illegals are natural born citizens, and my son is not? Obscene. The law is an ass, but we are ... I am not. Clearly, clearly, the term natural born has nothing to do with excluding the children of US citizens from citizenship. Second class? Forget you, and I mean that in the Cee-Lo sense. For shame.

Since you have recently elected a completely unqualified self-promoter, why not another? A smooth-talking huckster in high office? Trump, Obama -- I see no difference. Capitalism? Please. It's not about economics with these guys. It's about ego.

So do not speak to me again until you give serious thought to the horrible mistakes you have made, and would make again without the serious thought I've just required from you. Because these are serious times, and frivolous people, although incapable of remaining silent, should at least sit at the children's table, out of earshot.


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