Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mohammad Please

What does an infidel have to do around here to create an outrage? I've been ranting against Mohammad the False Prophet and his satanic so-called false "god" Allah for years now, and no one, repeat, NO ONE has ever bothered to threaten me or even call me names. Some hapless businessman in Egypt tweets a cartoon of Mickey Mouse wearing moslem headgear

and Minnie wearing the niqab,
and he gets boycotted and threatened, like with tongue-cutting-out ... betonguing, and all sorts of great attention like that. I say Mohammad is being sodomized in a cesspool by Satan, and ... nothing. I describe Allah sitting on a cloud masturbating, and ... bupkis. Hardly seems fair.

Probably because it's not actually pictures. Moslems can't hardly read, ignorant Third World cannibals that they all are. So here are some pictures, hopefully REALLY offensive. Honestly, I just don't get it.

So here's the Prophet Mohammad, PBUH,
waiting for his boyfriend to smear balm on his anal warts.

Here's Allah,
getting ready to insert a gigantic pigmeat salami into his rectum.

Here's one of Allah's drag-queen "daughters"
posing for "her" centerfold in Blueballs Magazine.

Here's a wall
behind which a bunch of, uh, Albanian-Americans are wiping their butts with the Koran.

Well. I have to admit this one makes me uncomfortable. We hear about the insanity of the Left, where any dissent from their oxymoronic PC doctrine sets one up for attack -- you know, attack the intolerant. But it would just be legal and social and fiscal and cultural attack. The islamists will kill you, along with any bystanders. And their liberal collaborators will facilitate the matter -- hand them the stones, as it were. Hold their cloaks. I'm a guy who anticipates attacks. But I don't welcome them. And as an American, I remain naive enough to think that our institutions, although degenerating, will protect us. You know, freedom of political speech.

What I've done here is purile, but it actually is offensive. Tough. Hopefully, not tough for me. I am exercising my rights as a free man. I am free, right? I do happen to know something about injustice. I do know that institutions are profoundly flawed, so that even "imperfect" is a completely inappropriate word, since it contains the word "perfect". Even so, fool that I am, I expect our American love of freedom to protect me. Not from the islamists and their enablers. Rather, from more proximate attacks, as from the intolerant (by definition) Left.

There it is. Pray for me, maybe. Truth is no more a defense than is innocence.


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