Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Get to the point,


That's what a rape victim ... alleged Detroit rape victim said to the "defense" attorney, Gabby Silver, who upon cross examination took the hectoring course of implying the rape was deserved. You know, cuz the slut was dressed like a whore. Begging for it.

The young woman grew impatient with this line of discourse -- somehow the prosecution nor judge interrupted it, for all that it is unlawful -- and took it upon herself to move the proceedings along. "Get to the point, bitch." The judge, Vanessa Bradley, mindful of the dignity of her court, found the accuser in contempt and sentenced her without warning to three days in jail.

By a delightful coincidence, the young woman spent two of those days in a cell next to her very rapist, one Curtis King. Ironic, huh? LOL. The rapist ... I mean, ALLEGED rapist, spent much of that time threating to have her killed by his still-at-large partner in rape. Rape after all should be a shared experience.

When the judge's action was made public, she had a "change of heart" and ordered the rape victim to be released from jail, one entire day early.

Hell is not soon enough. I'm forgetting which of many parts of the Bible says it, but we do know there is an especially harsh judgment against corrupt judges.

America is not blessed by the character of her people. People are people, and character changes with the generations. That after all is what decadence is. America is blessed by her institutions. They chart the course. How true the captain, and pilot, and crew, determine where we arrive. We have, in Detroit, an instance of scum, commanding.

I have had cause recently to consider my harsh and unforgiving character. I'm willing to be judged, that I may judge. All my sins are private. Despite or because of this, my craving for swift and severe punishment for arrogant self-seeking petty despots increases exponentially from moment to moment. Perhaps I exaggerate. But mounting like the very anger of the Lord, I call for calamity.

Nations, alas, are judged through their leaders. Us, more than any, since we select our leaders. We have been protected for these several centuries by our Constitution and the genius of the Founders. Entropy is the great leveler, though, and only revival and another Great Awakening can save us. Sort of a Jonah in Nineveh thing. Can you envision BO calling for a time of repentance? Risible.

Ah well. I'm rambling. Never mind. Nothing to be done about it. What are we to expect of institutions that institutionalize gay marriage and abortion. I was considering the Roman Empire yesterday, and its downfall. Do you remember the causes? Invasion by barbarians, and uncontrolled debt, and incompetence in high places. The past is prologue.


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