Sunday, July 10, 2011

You were terrified,

but of course the very idea that I, even *I* should be foiled in my ingenious aims ... it is ridiculous to conceive. Brilliant mastermind that I am, I instantly invented the genius method of pasting the images from Word directly into Paint, as only I could envision. The glorious results are perfect in their wonderfulness, compliments of your humble servant, Jack H, superb mega-puissant gigantic-brained Lord of the Blogiverse that I am. How blessed you are to have exposure to the radiance of my magnificent splendor. To brighten your otherwise pathetic drab lives even more than I already have, I grant you the privilege of glimpsing the slightest scintilla of my heroic intellectual accomplishment.


and of course,

As a further act of pure grace, albeit plodding unworthy drones that you all are, I bless you again, with a little something I dashed off in a spare moment ... you will certainly be unable to decipher it, but even the congenitally blind should be exposed to sunshine.

And then, inevitably,

You're welcome.



bob k. mando said...

i do believe that i am now terrified into peacefully co-existing.

Anonymous said...

Praise Allah. No, I mean it. You'd better.

Will C. said...

Am I seeing this right: "buc ofama"?

Jack H said...

It was inevitable.