Friday, September 2, 2011

Big Suppluh

All this talk about Big Pharma. Well, there used to be these things called "Rail Roads," and they were Big and controlled a lot of the old-time American economy, and they had Influence, and controlled Legislative Bodies and Executive Branches and Judiciaries. Nowadays however Rail Roads are a Foot Note.

I like the railroads. I think they're a good idea. I think trucks are for moving freight around inside cities, and trains are for moving freight around between cities. Call me a Stalinist if you must, but there is an economy of scale. No matter. We've moved beyond railroads, and reality is what it is.

Same though with the drug companies. They are very important, very powerful, because people give them a lot of money because they want and think they need the drugs. Money is for getting power -- even if only the power to fulfill material dreams, buying things to be happy. But in this instance it's about influence and power -- lobbyists and favorable laws for large corporations. No point in complaining about it. If you don't like Big Pharma, don't need their drugs.

I have a dear friend, best friend I've ever had, who recently had some back pain and nerve issues, arm tingling etc. His doctor said it was trauma-induced arthritis in the neck, and to restrict physical activity, like, forever, and to stop doing the sport he loves. My instant visceral reply upon hearing this was, "Absolute bullshit."

We do not give in, give up, submit, merely because of an opinion. We investigate, research, find alternatives, find solutions. We never crumple. We stand, or we fall and then stand, but we never lie down and fall asleep in the snow. Is there no one who loves us, that we should despair?

Medical doctors are about illness and drugs, not about health and healing. Suppression, instead of cures. No, not all doctors of course, but the Establishment, man ... Big Medi. I'm certainly being simplistic. But it's true. Don't take medicine, drugs, unless they cure, or rather aid your body in curing itself. Better, provide your cells proactively with what they need, feed them the nutrients, the necessities that allow them to do the job they're made to do. Metabolic competence. Nutritional rationality. Rather than diktats based on theories and imposed from far off centralized bureaucracies. Who knows, maybe Great Leaps Forward and Five Year Plans and New Deals and, um, Stimulus Packages could work ... someday. And maybe toxic drugs are the best way of dealing with some diseases -- the kind where you're about to die, so try anything.

My friend now thinks that the symptoms or signs rather of arthritis in his neck are coincidental only, and not a cause of the pain. The doc saw an issue, and assumed it was the problem. A logical fallacy. My contention is that with excellent nutrition and some time, will come healing, and the pain and tingling or numbness should go away. Provided the body is given a chance to heal itself. When it comes down to it, our concern is not with causes, but with cures, not with problems but solutions. It's not about blame, it's about results.

Meantime, the second relevant thing I did, after saying "bullshit," was to go online and order some nutritional supplements, all demonstrated to have a beneficial influence on arthritis -- which may not be the cause of the pain, but it was the cause of confusion, and could have been the cause of a man giving up on a whole area of his life that was very important to him. This sort of confusion needs to be eliminated.

I'm not much of a gift giver -- it's just that there are needs that people will not fulfill for themselves, until someone else starts the process. It's what friends do for each other -- we care about each other, and show it by caring for them, tangibly, whether materially, or emotionally, or what have you. There are limits, boundaries, and that's a nuanced thing, but there are clear needs as well, and helping in such instances is not only a pleasure, it's a duty.

I'm expecting a couple more packages over the next few days, but it's a long weekend and I didn't want nearly a week to go by before at least some of these pills could be put to use -- so tonight I handed over what had already come. Call it an early birthday present, although it's not, or a Labor Day present, if there were such a thing. But it's friendship, and it's love, as much as I can show it.

We protect and fight for and sacrifice and are loyal to what we love -- country or family or friends. It's faithfulness, without which everything is betrayal.


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