Wednesday, October 5, 2011


The untoward consequences of my intemperate lifestyle have overtaken me, and Monday night I had a sore throat, and yesterday I was a bit shaky and fevered, and today I'm a tad drippy. What ever shall tomorrow bring? Yep, I stay up all night partying with my chicks. Sunday morning around 7 AM I snorted a punchbowl of cocaine and threw a credenza out a tenth story window. Then I went to Burger King and ordered 11 raw paddies brought to my table by a Brazilian hooker. I screamed at the guy, "That's right sucka, I WANT IT MY WAY!" Then I pulled out my wang and peed into the potted plant ... well, mostly down my leg. So? I do what I want.

Usually, about once a year, I feel it coming, and just get more sleep and tighten up my diet. This year it came too fast. Raspy voice Monday, sore throat Monday night, and there it was. Gotta get more sleep.

It's coming toward the end of the year now, and I was giving some thought to a charity, International Children's Fund. Very efficient, doing what needs to be done. Then I thought it might be nice to sponsor a child, and went looking for an organization. Save the Children is highly ranked, but I looked them up on Wikipedia and guess what? Closely associated with Planned Parenthood, the world's largest provider of abortion services.

Also closely tied to Population Action International, mission statement, to "ensure that every person has the right and access to sexual and reproductive health, so that humanity and the natural environment can exist in balance with fewer people living in poverty." You know, poverty, cured by fewer people.

Also closely tied to The Center for Reproductive Rights, "a global human rights organization that uses constitutional and international law to secure women's right to an abortion in over 45 countries." Why, not long ago the Center "expanded human rights to its work in the United States. It is now documenting U.S. rights violations through fact-finding reports and holding the U.S. accountable before U.N. bodies that monitor compliance with international treaty obligations."

You might very well call it toxic. I couldn't possibly comment. But. Save Only the Born Children. No thanks. I prefer that humans be killed for capital crimes, rather than for being inconvenient.

Then I looked up World Vision. Again, high ranking, but a bit shady in their advertising, as I see it. No actual sponsorship of a child -- they do communities. That's great, but don't manipulate.

Then I looked at Compassion International. Slightly less efficient, in their higher advertising budget and administrative costs. But I couldn't find any ethical issue, and I figure that's, like, the cost of doing business -- burn 3% extra of a donation, to buy something that gets the job done.

I don't care much about humanity in general. Individuals matter. So they've got a bunch of pages of kids waiting for sponsors. All over the world, all ages. Well it's a big world. Who to choose? It could break your heart. My people, the Scandinavians, they're doing fine. Then I thought, I've got a buddy, let's look at his people. His wife is Laotian: a country not listed. Okay, Thailand then, right next door. Boy, cuz he has boys. Ages 6 to 9, cuz his boys are 6 and 9. And they're all so cute and sweet. Some waiting for over six months. Break your heart. And I figured, the ones with AIDS, or who are crippled, well, they'll get sponsors. After all, we're Americans. So I picked a healthy little six year old. Oh, here:

Well. What a horrible place the world is. I mean, there are actually highly ranked charitable organizations that promise to save children, but support abortion. All you can do is shake your head. What is there to be done? Yet as long as we have the means, something must be done. A small thing, but necessary. So what is it, a 12 year commitment? All of my neckties are more than 12 years old.

When we have the means, generosity is not a virtue, but a duty. Thus, it's not even generosity. As I say, I have a buddy, and for that I count myself blessed. How do I merit kindness? Well, we don't deserve kindness. We deserve justice. But how is the world to be saved? Call it compassion, international. The world is redeemed through kindness.


I am redeemed through kindness.


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