Friday, February 3, 2012

A Pep Talk

Ah, I see. Jesus wants us to pay higher taxes. Got it. So preaches Obama, using the National Prayer Breakfast to pronounce this doctrine. Cuz, like, to whom much is given much is required, and that means support government-funded abortion. Cuz, like, render unto Caesar and all that shit. Obama's plan, then, is that we all go out and catch a fish that has a coin in it with which we shall pay our taxes. Pay down the debt that way. It's biblical, dude -- Mt 17:27 ... I Wikipediaed it. What with the lowering sea level thanks to Obama, them fish is gonna be so much easier to catch. So it all comes together.

Shoddiest, sleaziest president ever. Unprecedented. Imagine a conservative using such a forum to say that God supports his partisan policies. Nauseating.

Heard Newt trying to blast Romney. Seems Romney somehow made a profit out of Fanny May or Mac or what the hell ever. Needs to be investigated. My admiration for Newt has waned. I just don't like obviously cynical obvious manipulations. Don't care much for rampant hypocrisy. You know, cuz Newt was a "historian" for Fanny M. Made a million bucks, or whatever. For being a historian for them. Did he publish his research? I'd like to review it. History is one of my things.

So it's President Romney. Howdy Doody. He won't be a total disaster. The current occupant of the White House is an antichrist. Mormons think Satan is Jesus' brother. I disagree with that doctrine, as I do with the idea that true believers will become the god of their own planet. Maybe Newt would get the Moon? But I would not expect a President Romney to outight attack the Roman Catholic Church. Oh, had you not heard? Yes, it seems that their doctrine regarding birth control and abortion is unacceptable to the Federal Government, and must be abandoned.

Per Obamacare, Catholic hospitals and insurance providers must support reproductive prophylactics, abortifacients and abortions. Poor stupid Catholic Church is behind the times it seems, and has been acting in an unconstitutional fashion since before there was a Constitution. Hey, dude, Jesus wants us to pay for abortions. To whom much pregnancy is given, much abortion is required. I think it was Jesus who said that. Maybe Moloch. Whatever. One religion is pretty much the same as any other. All roads lead to gods.

The bishops, for once, are getting it right. Outright calls for civil disobedience. They're taking time off from debating how many strikes molesting priests get ... isn't it odd that boys' masturbating seems to be a bigger sin than that of the priests sodomizing those same boys? -- time off I say so that they may now act to save their religion. And mine, and yours as well. Because what Obama pretends to now is the right to command our consciences. Think abortion is wrong? Tough. Pay for it anyway, and, doctor, perform them.

"Perform." Ta dah! 'And for my next performance I will conceive a life, and then make it disappear!' ... grunt uhngg oh baby oh baby grunt ahhhh ... ... stab stab snip suck slurp suck plop (that's the abortion). Ta dah!

You, stupid stupid stupid Americans, elected this vessel. The way you inject heroin between your toes. The way you put a gun to your head. You are very stupid, and deserve what you get. Beg for mercy. You do not deserve it. You deserve to be publicly flogged, for you gluttony and sloth and sodomies. Living with pigs the way you do, your worthlessness is self-evident.

What, you wanted a pep talk? They never did you any good before, so why more? Repent, moron. Your sins have found you out.


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