Wednesday, April 25, 2012


All right, I've been driven to it.  Obama, again.  He says he understands the plight of  students, what with his big student debt that he still hasn't paid off, or hadn't as a Senator of the United States of America, even though he'd made millions on his several autobiographies. Only 8 years ago, he got around to it.   Um, he was saving his money, for something else?  Charitable contributions?  It is a mystery.  So sad, that he and his bride grew poor together.  Can I get an "amen"?  Only 8 years ago.  Think about it.  I'm the Occupant of the What House.  This means I got elected far too soon.  I'm immature and inexperienced.  Man are you Americans dumb.  

Obama never once in his long academic career went to an American public school. That Madras in Indonesia may have been, uh, public ... that may be how they do things in that part of the world.  But it would have been markedly unAmerican.  Later O went to the most prestigious and expensive, private, prep school in Hawaii.  His grandmother, who raised him, was the vice-president of a BANK.  Obama plays the word game, but he is "African American" only in the sense that one of his parents came directly from Africa, and the other from America. His "black experience" in America is utterly atypical.   Of all possible possibilities, Obama is the least authentic black man possible. I know, it's not okay for me, a blue-eyed devil, to observe this inconvenient truth.  Typical -- all whities are racist.  I just can't help it, it's in my blood, this racism.  Just ask any New Black Panther, or Moslem Brother Hood.

So when Obama raises up his elegant lanky not-white-by-self-declaration frame and pretends to be one of the people, well, he must be talking to the cool people, and that includes me out.  What's his name, the guy who wrote carter's epic Malaise Speech, Chris Mathews, entertained talk about the cool-factor and Obama's attractiveness.  Well, junior, I'm not looking to play with the popular kids during Recess.  I don't want to have lunch at the cool-kid table, and get asked to the prom by the cool boy, even though he's such a total stone fox.  I want an effective leader, who is competent.  I want, in fact, someone who is uncool, the way it is uncool to drill for America oil on the American continental shelf, and uncool to send petroterrorists to hell.

Latest is O's demagoguery re student loads, I mean loans.  "Don't double my rate.  It's pretty uh everybody I wanna you er repeat that."  And all the sheep when Bah. "Don't double my rate."  So, childern, let's step back a moment and consider the meaning of the term, phrase, empty rhetorical flourish, "patriotism."  It is not a word that suggests a mere  feeling.  It is not an intellectual commitment to a political system.  It is not an adoration of land or tradition. It is a word that requires a personal sacrifice.  For students, it might require not getting even more charity from the government in the form of tax-payer subsidized student loans.  It might require a summer job.  Something other than self-seeking.  Patriotism does not require that we subsume ourselves into a hive mind.  It is profoundly individualistic.  But it does require sacrifice.

They don't teach this anymore, to students, most especially, apparently, students who matriculated out of Madrases and Prep Schools and Elite Universities.

You know Obama knows he's lying, because that's when he stutters and stammers and ahs and ums.  In other words, whenever he isn't reading off a teleprompter.  He's lying when he reads, too,  but that's when he's so eloquent that you don't mind the lies.

Man are you dumb.


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