Friday, April 13, 2012

Skin Color

Normally at this time I'd be basking shirtless, and pantless, in a public space for all the chick passersby to ogle and totally dig me, but it's raining. I have habitually avoided the poisonous rays of toxic sunlight, but the low spring sun is not as deadly, so I figured I'd give myself a chance to immunize, build up some much-needed melanic resistance to its peril. And just the other night a great hue and cry arose over my new beautiful golden-bronze glow. I knew they were admiring me, of course, but I did have to enquirer as to which particular aspect of my beauty they were awestruck by. Something new. That's why I don't believe in perfection: even when you think you're done, there may be some other small virtue to add.

Looks like they're railroading Zimmerman. Still don't know the details, but Trayvon seems to have doubled back -- was followed, then himself followed -- and jumped Z. It's hard to know. Impossible in fact. "Out to buy Skittles" -- not shoplift -- is such a harmless thing. But the fact that he said he was going to, or did, buy Skittles does not mean he wasn't also creeping through the night. What the black racists won't acknowledge is that teenagers too, and not only white hispanic adults, have bad judgment. Even hypothetical honors students get in trouble. So, that Zimmerman claims he was, and shows evidence of having been, attacked and beaten ... well, it's complicated. In any case, a second degree murder charge is his reward.

Zimmerman. Well, he used to wear an earring, there's that. But, a "white Hispanic." Is that a new thing under the sun? Much has been said on this. I remain, as always, neutral and fair-minded and utterly impartial. Ask anyone. My question is this: Has the New York Times, or its acolyte MSM, ever described Obama as "a white black", or "a Caucasian African-American?" "President Obama this morning lead a prayer breakfast of the Northeastern Branch of the National Cee Double Eh Association, which appointed him as its honorary chairperson."

Whatever -- I just want to be the most politically correct ... don't want to be insensitive. I mean, I am a white non-Hispanic, and therefore racist. My grandfather visited LA in the '60s and talked about Coontown. So of course I'm racist. I contain multitudes. A white hispanic black golden-bronze white racist. Do I contradict myself? I am vast. Just ask my friends, white blacks, white asians, white latinos, white whites ... all humans are white, except the non-racist ones.

It's moronic. We congregate around those who are like us. Sometimes the similarity is behavioral, sometimes racial ... but it boils down to like-mindedness. For me to be able to tolerate the presence of the racist Sharptons and jacksons I would have to loathe myself, as they would loathe me. My contempt for them is based on their conduct, theirs for me on my coloration. And my ideology, which demands impartiality before the law, rather than favoritism.

I was sent this link. It is unreadable. I looked up the writer, David Leonard. An Associate Professor in some Department of Critical Culture, Gender and Race Studies. "White America is never suspicious." He says. That's why I had to look him up. His use of the pronoun "we" was confusing. "We aren't Trayvon Martin, we are George Zimmerman: presumed innocent until proven innocent." He must never leave his campus. Boiled down, the schmaltz rendered out, he is a sociologist, so busy looking at his clipboard that he doesn't notice the hostility of the real world. He must never have been falsely accused of a crime. It happens, you know. Maybe it's happened to Zimmerman, and Leonard is holding the stone-throwers' cloaks. I don't know. Neither does he.

Blacks have gotten a raw deal. No, actually, I'm not referencing slavery. No black in America has any remaining part in that institution. Lots of black slaves in Africa, still. Google it. American Africans, rather, suffer from having an insufficient number of their fathers who loved them enough to stick around. That's whack. But the statistically high number of scum youths who result from that raw deal are scum. You now, actual, real, lawless criminal drug-addict thugs. I don't know the statistics. I know that any culture that values fatherhood wouldn't be in that boat. Perhaps the slave ships from centuries ago are still around? I think rather it's the Great Society social engineering, that subsidized fatherlessness and led to three generations of degeneracy. It's not a black thing. It's a liberal thing. All you're entitled to is what you earn. Anything else is charity.

Leonard, a Jew-looking non-black, goes on with a paragraph or two of touchy-feely empathy questions. More padding. Information, please. Can you imagine a bunch of bad things happening to your kids, whitey? "No, you can't. And you don't have to." The Amazing Leonard! -- Who Reads Minds and Knows the Future! Fact is, black on black crime is astronomical, and black on white crime is profoundly disproportionate, and white on black crime is minute. That's where the outrage should lie, but it doesn't. Because the order of things is accepted -- countless dead black youths, murdered by black thugs.

But it's the anomalies that stand out. Thus Zimmerman, a non-Jew Hispanic, on his gallows if not cross. Thus the honorifically-styled reverend jesse jackson, ordained instrument of some sect, who gets an erection when a black teen is killed by a white hispanic, but uses black on black crime as a sleeping pill. Trayviagra Martin. jackson doesn't care about individuals. he cares about institutions. Thus, he is irrelevant. Institutional racism is over, when it's aimed at minorities. Indeed, nowadays we call it Affirmative Action, and that lot loves it. For shame.

Fortunately Leonard's shallow little grave piece was little. I only skimmed it, so maybe I missed a fact in it. But I think it had no facts. It's like that Zimmerman thing. We'll find out the facts, as best we can, and a verdict will be given, hopefully just, and all the while we will be moving on with our lives, and Zimmerman will too, one direction or another, and fatherless Trayvon will remain dead. Leonard and jackson will be unaffected by any fact, consumed as they are with hypotheticals, idealism, ambition, greed, self-loathing/rage, and delusion.

Perspective is such a hard thing. Opinions can get out-dated pretty fast. But I realized that the picture of Trayvon we've seen, of a sweet-faced youth, is him when he was 14 years old.
At the time of his death Trayvon ... Mr. Martin was 17, 6'2" per his family. Puts a different face on the matter. And that big old fat unsmiling orange-jumpsuited Zimmerman? Pic from an arrest 6 years ago. He's not big and fat now ... maybe 5'8, 170. Unsmiling though, now, no doubt, picture not withstanding. And a more recent pic of Tray? All gangstahed up for the hos, what with his gold grill all up in your face.
At least in this pairing of pics, they're both smiling. But such observations are prejudicial.

Trayvon's "Myspace" page has a picture of him holding out a fistful of money. A white supremacist site uses this as evidence that he was a drug dealer. His gmail was hacked into. It has replies to his inquires re colleges. He was just a teenager. His parents were divorced, and appear to have been decent people. The least hateful solution to this puzzle is that Zimmerman saw a suspicious "punk" and sought to act responsibly if proactively to staunch the low-grade crimewave in his neighborhood, while, conversely, Trayvon -- off to the store to sate his non-marijuana-induced munchies, and acting like a man, doubled back and confronted his "stalker". This is not second-degree murder. It's not even a crime. It is homicide certainly, but it is a tragedy. Different circumstances, Zimmerman is the corpse. Nothing to do with race. Has to do with being human.

I wish the world were different. Too bad there's no way to change it.


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