Sunday, May 27, 2012

Convicted Terrorist and Pornographer Brett C. Kimberlin

Apparently Friday was official "International Blog about Convicted Terrorist Pornographer Brett C. Kimberlin Day".
I know this because one of my countless internet fans sent me a couple of links and asked me to comply. Thanks for that. Apparently the party in question feels there are not sufficient satanic hordes arrayed against me, so I need to flag down a few more monsters and invite them into my back seat. No, wait, that metaphor didn't work. I'd be in their back seat, if I flagged them down. I could run them over I suppose, and put them in my back seat, or trunk, or maybe on the roof or hood like a struck moose. No matter. I don't eat dead things.

Here, and here.

But it does raise the question, why do we allow satanic scum to control our byways? We allow scum to manipulate and exploit our liberality, to literally ruin people's lives, to imperil wives and children, and livelihood and peers, and life. We should be held up, hoisted on a string of lies to be the target of unbalanced minds and uncivilized conduct? The answer is, yes, we should. Not a moral "should" -- rather one of expedience.

The swift and bloody, the hard men that Orwell told us we are protected by that we may feel comfort as we lie in our soft beds ... they have, many, been castrated. And not by the savage and immoral scum such as Kimberlin. Rather by soft and comfortable citizens, ovine line-standers or check-receivers, or by their rat-eyed enablers behind the government partition, the union members who both collect and dole out other people's tax dollars. You know, bureaucrats, in agencies, provocateurs for that ultimate equality, decline.

I personally do not understand why Kimberlin is not killed. Not by me, of course, or any reader -- I most urgently urge passivity and compliance to all regulations regarding the mandatory support of evil in our culture. But surely there is some sane American left? One who has read a little of the Old Testament and realizes that God does upon occasion call and raise up a Gideon? Not me, most assuredly. I am thoroughly castrated, for all my 8-hour erections. It is an entirely different sort of manhood under which I suffer. I'm talking about usefulness here, and character, not about hormones and their frustrations.

Kimberlin publishes the home addresses of the families of his targets. He needs to be stopped. Far be it from me to suggest someone go to his abode, remove him into the desert and torture him, reducing much of his body to small pieces while he is yet living, eventually, after a prolonged time, ensuring his complete disappearance into the digestive tract of maggots, rats and crows. Indeed, I plead and beg that no one should do that at my suggestion. My solution, rather, would be to sit down and have a nice heart to heart with the fellow. Not me, my social skills aren't that effective, but surely one of my countless readers could do that? Who saves a life, saves a world.

Kimberlin "reportedly" does or has done something called SWATing. Make a false police report to get a violent response. I have personal experience with this, having myself been the recipient of such attentions. First, they went to the wrong door. Then they saw me looking out my window, bewildered re the noise, and one of them said, "There he is!" Next I found myself on my knees, hands behind my head, my home being searched. Then I was told by an incompetent that I was under arrest. I said, "No, I am not 'under arrest'." To which a superior officer added, "Yes, he's not under arrest." To which I added, "You need better training, sir." Point is, there is a vigorous response to such false reports, but there is no meaningful follow up, re finding the actual criminal. With my smart mouth, I could easily end up dead. The only thing that saves me is that I don't drink.

Where is justice? Recently in Southern California a young man, Brian Banks, has been exonerated of a rape conviction. As a teen he was accused, and pled no contest, and spent years in prison. The lying scum bitch who falsely accused him is on tape admitting she lied. Her mother sued the Long Beach school district and got one and a half million bucks for not providing adequate security -- all gone now of course, as we must expect of lying scum. Point is, where is justice? That the bitch be raped, since the crime is already paid for but never happened, and put in jail for rape, since that's what she brought down upon someone else? Justice is just a theory.

Mr Banks got a raw deal. But he pled no contest. What that means is that the state of California is not culpable. He didn't fight it. Had a bad lawyer. Well, I've had bad lawyers too.

It's hard to know the right course. Prudence says to take a deal. Innocence must be defended, though, even when it is one's own. And when the load of this world's shit buries the innocent, well, uh, I have nothing new to say about that. But Prudence also suggests taking the safe course, and that is the one that allows scum like Kimberlin to thrive.

Do I seem ferocious? It's all talk. That's all anyone of us do, is talk. Lying false-accusers only talk. Kimberlin only talks ... well, aside from that little terrorist bomb thing. Even so, it's so rare one might almost get the impression there were no actual crime in the world. But we know that's not the case.

Anyway, I googled it, and could not find Kimberlin's home address online, nor that of his domestic partner or maiden aunt or whatever he claims as next of kin. I know I can be found, which I'm not happy about. Hopefully I will go unnoticed. Satan must have bigger things on his mind, and I've been effectively neutralized.


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