Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The fact is that the islamists are right. Oh, not in the details, or in the tactics, but overlooking such incidentals, they are correct. They actively pursue their own best interests, in a most idealistic way. They're willing to sacrifice themselves, or their adherents, for a higher aim. How noble. Change the details a little, and even we would call them heroes. In fact, some of us have called them heroes. bill mahr for example, at his most fairminded, of the 9-11sters.

Remember that quaint old phrase, "The White Man's Burden"? Long before your time, of course, but you must have heard of it, even if in some snide or ironic tone, the way you'd hear
patriotism used, or religion. It is a troublesome phrase nowadays, in our post-White world, because of that word, white. If we tweak it a tad, and more accurately call it the Civilized Man's Burden, or the Compassionate, or the Competent ... well, blessed be Allah, the civilized, the competent. Because that's the new standard, the newish. Islamism. In the olden days the West -- by which we may suppose is meant the Anglophone world -- was unapologetic in supposing and imposing its superiority. Farewell to that sepia-toned image. Images in their entirety, except perhaps the pornographic, are against the increasingly and confidently asserted laws of Allah.

But out with the old and in with the new old. New lamps for old, by which we may and must read one book only. You know the moslem world has published fewer books in 1300 years than Portugal did last year. I made that up, but it's true. Why write books when Allah wrote one already? That would be blasphemy. The islamists then logically must be the strongest force for literacy since McGuffy, or Reading is FUNdamental.

All they want is for us to believe as they do. Completely reasonable. Even those squishy liberals who propound some notion of tolerance want us to believe as they do -- in their version of tolerance. For all that America is a melting pot, well, that says it all -- a melting pot melts away the differences, into a recognizable if not uniform identity, as copper and tin make bronze. America is not a race, but a culture; elements of culture include a common language, a shared understanding of justice, agreement in general goals of government. Et cetera. When the West becomes increasingly balkanized, then, along comes islam, offering Arabic, the language of Allah, and shariah, perfect justice, and a Caliphate, the perfect government. The future appears to hold the Caliphornication of the West.

Guess what. I don't believe it can be stopped. Mark Styne is one of those few Cassandras who see as clearly as they speak, and after perusing this latest of his, I don't see how Europe can be saved. Saved: a loaded term, but that's me all over. I can envision some civil war, some uprising of actual Europeans against the invader and eventual subjugator, but only if there were some sort of awakening, one hesitates to say spiritual.

And really, what's the big deal? That's why I see no realistic hope. All they have to do is comply, these infidels, unfaithful -- submit, the very definition of the word islam. Convert. From nothing, really, from no religion, into islam. Easy. Easy as drugs. Give your life to something. Sure, the gays and the jews will have a hard time of it, but, uh, well there is no but. They'll have a hard time of it. But that's just tough? They came for the jews, and the gays, and the gypsies, and I said nothing, and when they came for me, I said There is no god but Allah, and Mohamad is his prophet -- and so did you. Easy. Now we can all tolerate each other.

There is no hope because Europe invited the hostile and contradictory alien into its heart, and what happens when you inject a virus into your heart? Suicide is an active display of will. Conservatives are the antibody, but what seems likely, in France, say? The majority-minority rioting moslems will, uh, convert? -- stop reproducing? -- go back home? France is their home. It's just that they are not French. The native French will herd them onto reservations? -- slaughter them? -- drive them out? ... convert them? What a droll notion. What will happen is that Europe will indeed become moslem. So what. Albania is moslem, right? And Bosnia? -- or do I mean Kosovo? Anyway, redolent of ethnic cleansing, these names.

Individuals can be reasonable. A mob cannot be reasoned with, nor an invasion, nor an actual as opposed to a nominal religion. There are transformative tides, as of the French Revolution, and although they do not last as such, they change everything, forever. If there were such a thing as prophecy, rather than merely false "Prophet Mohamads", then there might be a book that has such prophecies, and it might speak of the End of the Age, and it might include the idea of a Great Deceiver who attempts to unify mankind under a satanic god. That would suggest that perhaps at least one religion is not false. Hard to believe, since we've spent so much time speaking here of lies, and of the malleability of conviction.

They all think they have integrity, these baby-bombers. They are not wrong in thinking that God is bloody. Even my God once required blood sacrifice, and, once, after a false start in Isaac, an actual human sacrifice. That's what I mean by an end of an age. And here we are again. This time it's a civilization that's going to die. By suicide, assisted suicide.

Glad I never bothered to plan for a retirement. I don't have long for this world.


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