Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mission Accomplished

Americans ... um, My fellow americans. Er, uh, Yo yo listen up, america! huh er eh Now hear this, it is I, aaah President Barack H Obama, speaking ha unto you! eee ah um yuh yuh. America, remember how I killed Osama bin Ladin? Wasn't that great? So you should elect me again, and the technical word for that is reelect, I'm an associate professor, I mean President, so I should know, and I will promise to continue doing the fantastic job that I've been doing so great. I promise, and I always keep my promises, that I will do it again too! Just like I did before, keep on killing Osama again and again, and it will be so great. But that other guy, the bad one, Romney, he woudn't have done it the way I did. So Vote For Obama! Obama?Biden in '08 no I mean '12, but wasn't '8 a really great year? Probably the best ever. For I, Barack Obama, a black american became then president of the Racist States of america! And isn't the timing great? Just around my re election time we can be celebrating my great victory with the 18th month anniversary of when I killed Osahmah. It's the greatest victory ever. Cuz he was so relevant. Man I'm the bomb. Rah rah rah, O Bah Mah!!! Me me me, hee hee hee!! Ho ho, hey hey, how many Osamas did I kill today!?!

A man can be elegant and still have no class. Who would have thought it. As for bill mahr, that was a punch line of one of his "jokes." Obama is so great that he became pres of the RSA. Submoronic. If it's racist, how did a halfblack man become president? Yet the lemmings in his pit all went huzzah. Born to a mother on food stamps, BO was. Such an ordeal. To be raised by a deadbeat self-seeker who pursues her own agenda rather than supports her child? The man is a hero. To be raised, rather, by a white Berkeley post graduate vice president of a bank grandmother? To be a matriculate of prep schools and Ivy Leagues? Maybe he was a good student? We don't know -- no transcripts. Food stamps he claims she was on ... was he a success because of affirmative action? We don't know. But cuz he's such a supergenius, smarter than Adams and Jefferson and Lincoln and Wilson and TR and, um, carter and clinton, it is racist of me to suggest such a thing, whatever it is I'm trying to suggest. Probably that O is a second-rate hack.

But that's just me, being racist the way I am. Y'see, a racist is someone who explains things through race. Because O was elected because of his race, therefore, by holding such an idea, I am racist. Yes, it is I, I who am the racist. And his countless, endless catastrophic incompetencies, these are irrelevancies. All things are explained via the one factor.

Someone involved in this diatribe is submoronic. I suggest it would be the party who does not recognize satire on the one hand, and on the other, one's own hypocrisy. To be unaware of one's inconsistency is sad. To be aware of it and unrepentant is evil.

Yes, I do mention race, re Obama. Perhaps I seem to dwell on it. Not an important thing, except, uh, his people make it so. "His people"? And I am one to hold a nose to the stink of one's actions. Sorry, that's just me. Since I am anonymous here, I can do that. Something to think about.

Good thing O went to Afghanistan to anounce another bugout and to affirm that we would never use bases there and that we and they are exactly and perfectly EQUAL partners. Yep. That's what we are. The full equal of a country whose standard of living is 172nd out of 196 countries in the world -- that's in the top 99.12 percent! Impressive, in its way.


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