Friday, August 3, 2012

Beach Weather

When I get tired of chillin in my bitchin hottub,

...which is a real babe-magnate
(my honey on the bus comin over for a booty call),

... sometimes I take some neighborhood kids down to the beach

...where I like to take in the sights of man and nature ... you know, work on my tan the athletes at play

...pick up a few tips about hittin on the chicks.

Not that I need pointers ... got hotties all over the world tweatin me.

I like to read body language.

Ah, Life! You are too wonderful for anyone to realize you!

Nature, surmounted by that pinnacle of Creation, Mankind!

For you see, Nature can always be improved up.

Mankind! Thine ingenuity is infinite!

Thy spirit unconquerable!

Thine art unbounded
So I finally got that tattoo I was wantin.
Bitchin, right? No lie.

There's a doo at the beach tomorrow. I don't think I'll go though. I didn't go last week, for some high school reunion. If they want to see me, they can come to me.


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