Saturday, September 1, 2012

Diapers and Diadems

Came out of nowhere, dude. Nowheresville. A sudden, acute depression. Mudslide. I know enough to not pay it too much attention, but what the hell, dude. I rolled just now with a beginner for an hour or so -- a very verbal and self-critical guy, with sharp elbows and a tad of MMA experience ... which apparently trains people to use pain moves. That just makes me aggressive, so I was a little vigorous with him a few times ... he didn't really correct it when I used words. Operant conditioning, then. Makes me feel a little guilty, though, a bit like a bully. But don't jab my thighs with your pointy elbows.

And now I'm oppressed with depression. Hard pressed. Not the time to evaluate one's life, one's joyless, meaningless life.

I've seen an episode before, of this bizarre freakshow, Toddlers and Tiaras. But again, the other night. The poor wretched little girls are to be excused. They are objects, innocent and not yet ruined, forced into that shape and its requisite behaviors. But the "adults." What a nightmare. Desperate faded bionic debutante wannabes, stretched like taffy, shrill as parakeets, somehow both robotic and squidlike. Reptilian, insectoid mothers, what purported to be a father, although the jar he keeps his gonads in must be pretty small, and, believe it or not, actual litteral drag queens as judges. How apt. Men and little girls both trying to look like whores, mothers who are pimps, fathers who are, well, actual whores?

I watched, transfixed, like a puppy before a cobra, filled with the ominous conviction that America was done, simply done. There's nothing to be done about it. It is absolutely child abuse, but all bad judgment is abuse, and I have had personal, deep and intimate contact with the state child welfare bureaucracy -- it would not be better, just different.

Like Romney. This is a really good man. Ideally suited for the job he seeks. A thoroughly competent, proven executive, leader, goal-oriented, successful in every endeavor -- a turn-around master, and, for every public purpose, a genuinely kind and generous man. This is a country that needs turning around.

Isn't it amusing, observing the opposition? The name-calling. I just have to shake my head. Calling it pathetic or desperate or despicable just doesn't say it. The irrelevance of what the dems are doing. The unseriousness of it. I didn't see the convention, didn't see Clint, but he apparently did a little role playing with an empty chair representing Obama. An empty suit? And I heard the line, something like, "If he's not getting the job done, it's time to let him go." A gentler way of saying
You're fired. There's a lot of wisdom in that. It's not about popularity, or philosophy or hope. It's about ability. I don't want to have a beer with anyone, let alone with a world leader. I want a world leader who will lead, from in front. Thanks for trying, Barack. We'll do our best to transition you into another job, more suited to your very real talent, albeit somewhat mismatched to the requirements of this particular position.

Meanwhile, as a wayward Christian, alienated from God but feeling the loss, I have to wonder what God thinks, about this Mormon. Mormonism is a non-Christian cult -- in the theological, not sociological sense. It teaches that Jesus and Satan were brothers, equal, and that Mormon men will one day become the literal god of their own literal planet, as God is the god of a planet, and Jesus is the god of a planet. We shall be like God. Well. Regardless of whether or not it's true, or odd, it is not in line with the historic Christan faith, and preaches another Jesus than that of the Gospels.

So what must God be thinking? Will he be angry with America, to elect someone who misbelieves on the nature of Christ? Well, has God been angry with America in other cases, where a professing but not actual Christian has been elected? Apples and oranges, since they profess orthodoxy, whereas Mitt adheres to something, uh, more, um, heterodox.

I have two ideas. First, why has the historic Christian church not produced a leader of Mitt's quality? We can only select from the choices offered, and, say, Huckabee isn't running this time and seems unelectable anyway. Second, God used Nebuchadnezzar, a pagan of the giant fiery idol. And Nebuchadnezzar was the king of the Jews, and he was a blessing. Did he get saved? We might infer as much, but I don't recall that we are told.

The Mormon church will be raised up, in Romney. They are a social good. What sort of a compromise is it then, to promote our nation at the expense of our faith? Let us call Mormons, then, righteous pagans. Let America be at least a righteous nation, if not a Christian one. Let Cesar rule for a time, a wise Cesar, who worships Jupiter but forbids child sacrifice. Cuz right now we have a White House chair-occupier who gets everything wrong except the look.

Of course, the only Mormon I have known in a meaningful way was a 35 year old mother who got pregnant by my 16 year old ward. But Mitt isn't like that. Hopefully. We've been fucked up enough.


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