Friday, November 30, 2012


I am beyond even the need for confession.  Beyond reason or rationality.  Consumed now utterly with destructive passion.  Obama.  Grounds for my obsessive antipathy are obvious and well-founded, but I need no excuse for the immoderation of my emotion.  I am deranged, as upon returning home to find my family murdered.  I know who the monster is, and mere justice as demanded by society with its probity is insufficient for my grief.  Hell is not soon enough.  As I say, I am deranged.

Evidence of O's incompetence is over-abundant and in every instance superfluous.  He is capable of nothing good.  If he is "responsible" for it -- by which I mean, if he does not blame someone else for it -- it will manifestly redound to the detriment of America.  Obama = Destructive Incompetent Arrogance is a tautology.
What brought all this on, you wonder?  Well, my dismayed and betrayed love for America, for one thing.  But more immediately, the picture, above.  What could I possibly have to say about the above picture?  Ignore the crimped, closed body language, all knotted up, sharp defensive angles, twisted, akimbo, skewed.  No, I ask rather that you observe the hand.

He's using that hand to support his intention.  He had three options, with such a gesture.  Palm up, chopping, or down.  Palm up says, I'm reasonable, I'm making a case, here it is, do you agree.  Sideways says, Here's a point, this is what I think, very clear, there is another side but this is mine.  The Obama gesture, his thing, diagnostic of his character such as it is, palm down, says, That's it, case closed, calm down, stifle all non-Obama opinions cuz I won. 

You think I've read too much into this?  (Obama gesture.)  Settle down.  Try to be rational.  I once worked for two summers in a law office, and I organized some street theater, and then I was in a state assembly.  So I'm the smartest and most qualified Pres ever.

Did I say I was going to stop saying you were stupid?  No can do.  Mental instability has undermined my character, and now I make promises I can't keep.  That's my excuse.  I'm not just lying, you know, like Obama.

I just can't get over how stupid you are.


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