Saturday, December 1, 2012

Talk Radio not enough. No serious -- by which is meant successful -- change, revolution, reaction, return to the Constitution can prevail until approximately half the organs of mass media are controlled by the Right. By mass media we mean of course propaganda. It is important to mean what we say, and say what we mean. Turns out that even more than character, words matter.

 We can give up on the fantasy that Americans are intelligent. They’re as stupid as any other nationality. The slow accelerating drive toward decadence slash socialism slash tyranny is not so much a choice -- if voting always brings a bad outcome, where is choice? -- cannot be stopped or slowed through application of business as usual. Witness the Tea Party -- good ideas, lots of fervor, inconsequential impact. Grass roots makes no difference when the soil is toxic.

 So it’s propaganda. After all, that’s what the Left has done, taken over all sources of information and entertainment. In our culture, what else is there? Football? I should have thought that wasn’t an entertainment, but an activity. The forces that have made sports a spectator activity are the same that voted in underwhelming but sufficient numbers to prop up Obama once more in front of his teleprompter. The incessant drone of opinion and assumption in which television submerges us has emasculated us, unmanned us, the way a bicycle seat through constant pressure and vibration can make a man sterile.

 Conservatives need to buy controlling interests in entertainment corporations. Need to fill decision-making positions. Conservatives need to be creative. Rather than accounting and engineering, building and repairing, and other productive and useful occupations, we need to sacrifice ourselves for a generation and engage in the frivolous, fundamentally meaningless pursuits of fiction, dramas and comedies, telenovelas, with an underlying message too subtle for censorship, of self-reliance and individual generosity, patriotism and self-sacrifice.

 I think we have abandoned God, and God has abandoned us. I think one and a half million abortions every year are enough of a human sacrifice that Satan is empowered and God is repenting himself that he ever established such a thing as America.

 I think that there is a clear and hideous chance that could recall America back to its senses, ie, another traumatic attack upon us from the middle of the East. By which the fecklessness and frivolity of the Obama Error will be laid bare, shivering and cold in the nakedness of the current Occupant’s incompetence. It will be a devastating price to pay, like a hail of meteors prior to a worldwide Flood. But if the warning is heeded, the Flood may yet tarry.

In the stark light of evaluation, all these years later, I have to conclude that Bush did more harm than good. My reasoning is thus: regardless of honorable, even correct intentions, if the job can be undone so disastrously, and decline can come so precipitously, then where was the leadership? Leaders have to plan past the next election cycle. Ideally, I mean -- the way we should take over the entertainment industry … a fantasy, a fiction, frivolous.

I’m thinking now that America was always just a dream, a fantasy. Jefferson is the exemplar. In his first term, he was that small-government low-taxes minimalist, against banks and industry and cities and armies. Second term, he bought Louisiana and tried to take over Florida. In other words, he became a Hamiltonian. If there were no rest of the world, if we are alone, with no alien and competing forces, then that first vision would be practicable. Notice my use of the subjunctive, the language of if. In the real world, only exploited colonies have no armies. Our compromise has to be in choosing our enemies. There will always be enemies.

But I'm rambling.  One rant at a time.


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