Sunday, November 4, 2012

The End of America

To be published on the event of Obama's reelection.

I must have been trapped inside the conservative talk radio echo chamber, believing sages steeped in a thorough knowledge of their own opinions.  I had been, you see, not unhopeful. But there is no hope now.  No political hope.  No social hope.  America, that stupid stupid bitch, has married her seducio-rapist, or rather affirmed herself a slut to the Leftist pimp.  May not be the Scarlet Whore of Babylon, but she's a whore.

There is no more America.  Weep for her, for she is dead.  Europe has leapt its shores and enveloped America into its night.  Another dark age, this one called enlightened, brought on by the flaccid barbarians of vice -- what after all is it, to abandon the precepts that built our civilization.

I had hoped that Sandy would be a divine intervention, but God is silent, or he has handed us over to Satan.  In any case, any corrective lesson that the Hand of God might have dealt has been misunderstood.  Obama, somehow, by sending out a photo of himself looking concerned in the Situation Room, and strolling with rolled-up cuffs on the edge of Jersey's new shores, has so impressed stupid stupid America with his manliness, that there is no orifice closed to him now.  Fuck me five ways, Obama, then Obamacare me into another gender and find a sixth.

So I am giving up on American exceptionalism.  We're just another country now, with no Dream except those of Obama's father, and no more claim to virtue than France or Uzbekistan or Cuba or Kenya.  Extreme?  If the only connection we have with being right is thinking we're right, that's what every country, just any country, can say of itself.  It is right for oligarchys or kleptocrats or islamist imams to press and impose their own advantage.  They think they're right.

We are past, now, in this final most self-revealing act of democracy, any claim of patriotism, which by definition requires sacrifice not advantage.  The only difference now between us and ancient Rome is that their bread and circus involved gladiatorial blood sport, and ours involves abortion.  Baby Googoo and Jersey Shorgies are surely a coarsening of our culture, but only in the way that vomit is  the eructation of an internal corruption.

My experience with God is that he lets you suffer.  Maybe he thinks it's good for us.  But if not us, then who will be a force for good in the world?  We must revise our understanding -- "US" in the context of doing good must refer only to the objective pronoun.  Countries do not do good.  Countries, the great arc of history demonstrates, must always become decadent.  Welcome to the 21st Century.



Will C. said...

chuck e. boy said...

Well said.

I feel like Augustine of Hippo, who when he heard Rome had been sacked, and while having his hope in that eternal City of God, still, he wept.