Thursday, February 21, 2013


Lustful thoughts?  Me?  The idea is both ridiculous and offensive.  I am past and beyond all of that, that, well I can't thing of a word to describe how uninterested I am in the entire subject.  Perhaps you think you know otherwise, from the many humorous references I have made in these pages to the copulatory process with its concomitant body parts and fervid emotions.  You have missed, of course, my satirical intent.  God gave us sex that we may know how absurd life is.

That being said, there's a pretty young woman I have a little bit of a crush on.  Not even a fantasy, surely, but it's amusing, how true to form we human males are. But, I mean, the mechanics of it, it's practically impossible to imagine such a thing, not that I would, imagine it.  I'm so much older, and so much bigger than she is.  Like a, uh, Pomeranian
with a Great Dane   

Fyi, my penis is much bigger than the one here depicted, so you begin to apprehend the dilemma.   There are many riveting and engrossing things to be said on the matter, but I will refrain in consideration of our more delicate readers.

I'm too old, frankly, for a young woman, and the older ones are spoken for or, well, they've let themselves go.

The real reason God gave us sex is that we should know how incomplete we are, know the deepest attainable need.  Attainable for some.


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