Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Two Percent

Profoundly depressed for a few days.  At least there's been something to be depressed about.  Understand, when I say depressed, I mean the term clinically.  This injury has been crippling.  I've been crippled before, as with that knee thing some years ago, where I needed a cane for a time -- but that was a thing with a cause.  This has been out of nowhere.  Finally deduced that it was a disc issue, and that felt like an unjust judgment from God.  I did not lift anything carelessly.

This evening I was at 98% though.  Felt very good.  I took half an advil 3 hours prior, so that's a confounding factor, but at least there's cause for optimism.  I can feel good.

Now all I need is an attractive woman who wants to have a lot of sex, and I'll finally have no cause for complaint.


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bob k. mando said...

hang in there, Jack. the fembots are coming.