Thursday, February 28, 2013

It Bothers Me

when my lip tastes salty, when my shirt has a tag on it, when my hair feels heavy, when I have crippling leg pain, when my sleeve is touching my thumb, when there is no Pope, when the inside of my nose has a smell, when Netflix is slow, because America is being destroyed, because it hurts when I try to hold fire, because Lincoln was assassinated, when my sock is on wrong, because a shoe should fit either foot, because the cat won’t let me touch its eyeball, when I have too much food in my mouth, and because I want more fingers.



Will C. said...

You know what bothers me? It bothers me when it's mid-March and there's no new posts from one of the most brilliant people out in the ether of the net. That's what bothers me!


- Will C.

Jack H said...

Such a one as I shall not be limited by considerations of mere space or time. (There is no other such a one as I.)