Saturday, August 10, 2013

More Terror

One of the countless reasons everyone admires me so much is that I never have to compromise, because I am so obviously and always right.  If there were every any doubt about this fact, I might have to explain my conclusions to someone, because they were initially incapable of apprehending the inevitable virtue of my clarity.  Since I am the most patient man in the world, of necessity, I would and do not mind or resent such intellectual incompetence, for all that it technically wastes my most-valuable-of-all time.

Anyone else who never has to compromise would be an extremist.  They must get their own way, impose it, by violence if need be, and regardless of cost or the damage it does to others. Compromise is the opposite of fanaticism and extremism.  Thus, the Obaministration, which rephrases "islamist terrorism" as "violent extremism."  This observation, from Krauthammer.  "The word 'extremism' is meaningless. People don’t devote themselves to being extreme. Extremism has no content."

Obama most recently asserts that he will not compromise on the upcoming next-in-line fiscal crisis.  Cuz, like, planning a budget that doesn't always spend disproportionately more is, like, undemocratic.  So, no compromising, like some not-American car company motto.  Dictators do not compromise.  Anyone involved in politics must.  Why must it be, that I and I alone am the only person who has ever pointed this fact out?

Well.  I've said it before.  Admitted it.  Observed, discovered it.  I hold a grudge.  This has come as a big surprise to me.  I had not been aware of that quality in my character.  But I am a hard man, reaping where I did not sow.  It seems that the pattern is, screw me once, well, you may not have meant it.  Do it again and it's malice.  So with the plumber, who turned the neighbor's water off, and mine as well, without warning.  For a couple of days.  Hmm.  Well, you'd think a professional would have noticed that the lines were connected, but never mind.  Then the next week he did it again -- said the water would be off for three hours, and left it off all weekend. I'm easy, I'm polite and accommodating, the first time. The second time, it is an assault on my human worth. He had the phone number, but it didn't occur to him to make the call.  And now again, today, he's effing around with the neighbor's issue and interfering here for incomprehensible and inadequate reasons.  I am immobilized with disgust.  I know it's not reasonable of me.  Roll with the punches.  But I spent my childhood being the victim of scum.  Apparently I don't like it.  I have a spiritual disorder.

The heel pain must be a spur.  I have a podiatrist appointment -- finally got to it.  I've been massaging it etc, to no real effect, and that's supposed to be the fix.  Why doesn't anything ever get better?

I just told a child to run with scissors.

Well, it seems my animadversion of the use of "garnish", as of wages, has been misapplied -- it is not an illiterate usage, in place of "garnishee."  It rings clangorously in my ears, garnish used this way, calling up images of parsley, but it is not only correct but can lay strong claim to being preferred.  Go figure.  It appears that I, even I must very slightly moderate an opinion once in a very great while.  I have betrayed myself.


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