Wednesday, August 7, 2013


The Idiot swept by in his motorcade yesterday, to do Leno.  Someone I know got a knock on her door, and a looming giant instructed her to take her trash cans in off the street.  Secret Service -- or, in this case, considering at whose pleasure he serves, SS.  The woman twittered some joke to her significant other, denigratory of the Kenyan, and I told her she was now on a Homeland Security list.

I'm sure that the NSA or Homeland Security or some other Agency  or all of them and certainly the IRS have computer algorithms searching out  phone and web and text disloyalty against Zero, and one of the flagged phrases must be "The Idiot."

In his declamation to Camp Pendleton Marines yesterday, The Idiot joked that "The United States is never going to retreat from the world.  We don't get terrorized."  What?  Huh?  You say he wasn't joking?  Oh.  Well ... um, well, I hardly know what to say then.  We don't get terrorized, cuz 9-11 never happened.  It was a bad acid trip, dude.  Gnarly.  It was not Al Qaeda, but an incredible simulation.  CGI.  Hollywood Lefties did it to show how stupid Bush was.  And now that you mention it I'm sure that I never did see Americans fleeing in terror from the billowing dust clouds sweeping down the canyoned boulevards of NYC.   This, although it will go unnoticed, was an even more inept verbal formulation than Doubleyou's "Bring it on." Bring it on means "try it again".  We don't get terrorized means "do even worse".

Obama's patriotism extends so far that he takes the bother to say "The United States" rather than just "America."  Such dignity and reverence.
 I mean, look at the size of that flag!

Of course, it's the wrong flag.

Ah, that's better.  The Ol' Zeros and Strips.


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