Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Perhaps it's a trend?  The formerly-sane fallen empires reclaiming a bit, a small sad tiny bit of common sense?  Great Britain disenmeshing itself from the leech-lipped tentacles of the Hague?   And now, in a frankly astounding rebuke against the nattering nabobs, a very slim majority of the American electorate -- or rather the Electoral College --  have opted for the clearly-lesser of clear evils.

The good news is that America did not commit suicide.  For the past weeks or months I have been convinced that there would be a third Obama term.  After all, the media was in the bag, and Millennials would be voting --  the Participation-Trophy Generation ... the Cry-Bully Generation.  They, and their idiot Gen-X baby-sitters, and their loathsome babyboomer parents and grandparents.  How odd, that the Greatest Generation should have been such worthless parents -- engendering hippies as frogs produce slime.

Be that as it may, with the destruction of marriage, by the Almighty Court, I realized that American Exceptionalism was dead.  I have been mourning the death of this country.  Wondering what the world would be like, without an America to care for it.  Just another big rich hegemonic social state smearing pie across its face and licking blubbery lips with a thick surgically-bifurcated tongue ... cuz chicks did it.

But I was wrong.  Americans have not acquiesced entirely to sodomites and syndicalists.  I had thought that only the detonation of a dirty bomb in some urban center would sufficiently focus attention upon the actual state of the world.  I had pictured the celebration in Pandemonium, the Mardi Gras, the Fat Tuesday of Hillary's triumphal  march across the constitution -- no longer to be capitalized.  Hell rejoicing.  But I was wrong.

I do not know what to think of it.  Blue state republicans forced this nominee upon us, and, somehow, somehow, the country has not puked him back, but overcame disgust -- something about the difference between an emetic, and evisceration.  We managed to have neither -- swallowing Trump and puking out Hillary.  Progress, indeed.

My joke has been, vote for the one who will destroy America by accident, or the one who will destroy it on purpose.  I'd rather have incompetence, than malevolence.  I'd rather have the narcissist, than the narcissist who hates America.

A mistake I have made for, well, decades is that I have looked to America as if it were an agent of God.  Regardless of the seeming-mercy we have just received --  the reprieve from the worthless values of the progressiveforprogresstowardoneworldgovernment -- the fact that we have had eight years of deliberate decline must be answered, with punishment.  God does not hold iniquity against his children, but he absolutely does hold it against nations.  And that is all America is -- a tool, generally blessed, and unworthy of its blessings.

The fact that we are servants rather than masters, answerable in our values and our institutions to the opinions, opinions  mind you, of five judges -- well, that says everything.  Our national myth has it that we are free.  That myth was very slightly supported on Election Day.  But we are not free.  Never, as long as bureaucrats rule us.


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