Thursday, November 10, 2016

Glass Ceilings and Walls of Entitlement

It might even be safe to go back into the water.  All this ecologism is paying off?  Little by little, they're raking out the floating turds. A few more months, and it may be fit for human consumption.

Our long national nightmare is over.  Eight years of Saul Alinsky at the helm, Kamikaze, iceberg-seeking missile.  Indeed, the chickens had come home to roost.  "God daaaammmnnn America!!!"  We'd never had, you see, an actually anti-American president before.

In these pages, now desultory, I have allowed myself to speak intemperately, as a private citizen.  It would not be prudent to speak so, as a public figure.  So here I could vent my utter disgust at the state of affairs.  It wasn't productive, and it wasn't the catharsis I needed.  Not all poison can be purged by muscular action -- emetics, colonics, lancing, bleeding....   clinton -- the first clinton -- had been merely a disgrace.  Obama was destructive.

To rule by Executive Order.  To rule, that is, unconstitutionally.  And Americans opted him in, AGAIN.  What, the woman who asks to be raped?  The addict who sells his children, for drugs?  What unspeakable shamefulness could possibly describe such a state of affairs.  Then again, whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.  That precisely half of Americans are moral idiots seems a tad too high a percentage, but one must accommodate the imperical validity of the statistic.

Well, thank heaven for the Electoral College.  It was instituted, most likely, not so much to decide between two tied presidential candidates, but to simply invalidate a single successful but toxic winner, and select and appoint a better, fitting one.  In the case at hand, it simply did its job, of representing the will, not of the rank population, but of the states themselves.  The EC, you see, does not represent the entire enrolled body of registered citizens, but rather fifty states, only -- plus, somehow (and perhaps unconstitutionally?) Washington, DC.  We vote through the agency of our individual states.  Thus my own vote has only symbolic value, in this bluest, most cyanotic of states -- formerly the Golden State.

So much for the protesters.   To call them ignoramuses  misses the point, because it sounds emotional.  I see the tragic grief-sodden faces of the Hillary supporters, and feel no pity or compassion whatsoever.  There is a bit of satisfaction in it, the way you see those videos on youtube of idiots doing stupid things and getting instant justice.  As long as no real harm comes to them -- good ... "that's what you get!"  My grief has gone unphotographed.  That their judgment has been so crippled is only to be expected, in a morally calloused culture.  Hopefully their lessons toward wisdom will not be unbearable.

Hillary summed it up, perfectly.  She assigned her loss to the "highest and hardest glass ceiling."  


My dear Ms. clinton:  You won, somehow, the very slightest plurality of the vote.  Your failure had nothing whatsoever to do with institutional bias against women.  You failed because you thought this was France, with a centralized government presiding over provinces, as American states administer policy through counties.  The United States, however,  is a federated constitutional republic, with an Electoral College -- a fact you have no excuse for not knowing. You didn't bump your bleach-blonde head against a glass ceiling.  You crashed into the wall of your own arrogance and sense of entitlement.  The fact that you avoid admitting this, or are oblivious to it, is disqualification in itself of the office you have coveted.

As for Trump, let's think of him as Truman.  He may grow into the dignity of the office.  His victory speech was an excellent start.  Dignity.  That has been my problem with him all along.  Demagogic populism and cynical hucksterism were designed as by some Cosmic Intelligence to revolt and revulse me.  If he puts that aside, and honors the dignity of his office, well, hopefully the entrenched beltway republicans will give guidance and probity to his administrative policies.

And, let us fervently hope, the incipiant clinton dynasty is quashed, and the Obama legacy is stillborn ... no, let's say it was -- in honor of its patron -- aborted.



bob kek mando ( I are Spartacus ... and you can too! C'mon, give it a try, these crosses are way more comfy than they look ) said...

(and perhaps unconstitutionally?)

oh come now, Jack.

the 23rd Amendment was lawfully and Constitutionally and ( perhaps most importantly ) voluntarily ratified. whether it concurs with the founding principles of the nation is a different question, it is valid law.

which makes it a significant improvement over all three of the Reconstruction Amendments, which all of Southern states were forced ( duress ) to adopt before they would be 'readmitted' to the Union.

wait a second ...
IF you're not already IN the Union
THEN why are you getting a vote on whether new amendments will be added to the Constitution?

this is the same thing as Prohibition;
that the Constitution being used to constrain the actions of the 'free' peoples of the nation is IN DIAMETRIC OPPOSITION to the very purpose of the document ( the constraint of the Federal Government )
it was nevertheless ratified as law by those same 'free' people.

Jack H said...

Yes, the poor poor South, suffering the indignity and loss of trust and privilege that comes from violent rebellion. If only we could fight it all over again.

As for DC, yes, there was an amendment, and my memory is a vague and perhaps faulty, but I just have the idea that the original terms under which the land was donated excluded, or did not include, participation in federal electoral politics. If so, then it's an illegitimate rule change. Not that we need be too very worried about a lack of perfect purity -- Lincoln never allowed that the states of the slavocracy could ever in any way leave the union. So it's confusing, re Reconstruction. No matter. It has all worked out purely perfectly.