Saturday, November 12, 2016

How to Spell Obama-ism, and Today's Vocabulary Word, and Why I Am Deplorable

The rule is, when the noun ends in a vowel, that vowel is dropped and replaced with 'ism'.  Thus, Nazi-ism becomes Nazism.  Hence,  Obamism.

I am deplorable because that's what I was called.  Well, no, not ME, in that I was not a Trump supporter.  But what is forevermore to be understood by the term is its reference to non-Hillary supporters -- and by extension, to all non-progressives.  Thus, we are deplorable, and I, too.

All this amazing non-catastrophe is encouraging.  The, no, not protesters -- the tantrummers  blocking freeways and rioting and looting -- it would be so nice if we had law enforcement.  They don't need to be killed, or beaten, or gassed.  They need to be arrested and fined or, in some cases, imprisoned. Is that not reasonable?  I live in the wild wilding  New West, where outlaws roam free and there are no boarders, only frontiers,  so I speak as a mere theoretician, in this analogy, a scolding schoolmarm.  Sad fool that I am, to think a marm could trump the nanny state.  Nanny can call names, and it's not hate speech.  In this era, nannies hate free speech.

So, children, today's vocabulary word is:

Tantrump (v): 1. to violently deplore representational democracy; 2. to impose one's emotional upset upon society as a whole; 3. to selflessly protest against the hatred and bigottry of racist Amerikkka.  "That fool be tantrumping all over yo ass!"  "Hey, Ashton, me and Breah are  gonna get 'HRC' tats on our areolas, and you can get your Prince Albert disinfected ... then we'll tantrump against the fascists!" "Meet in 20 at Walmart --  flash tantrump!"

Sometimes it's necessary to start the education process all over again.



bob kek mando ( I are Spartacus ... and you can too! C'mon, give it a try, these crosses are way more comfy than they look ) said...

somebody spike your vegetarian smoothy with a little blue pill, Jack?

you're getting all froggy all of a sudden.

Jack H said...

A smoothy is a good way to wake up to Morning in America. The nightmare is fading. Not so much the presence of a pill, but the absence of a hideous sucking demonic oppressor.