Friday, November 11, 2016

Where's a Haymarket Massacre When You Need One?

Well, for the first time in, oh, ever, I did more than just a snipe on facebook.  But nothing to speak of.  A little meaningless sarcasm re weeping and rioting lefties.  It's like hell hath reduced its borders.  It's like we've passed through the Valley of the Shadow of Death.  No, not into the Promised Land.  Into the Wilderness.  But we had clear choices, between placing ourselves under the power of the looting hysterics, a known known, or taking a chance on a gamble.  Russian roulette with six chambers full, or some lesser number.  The choice is not good, but it's clear.

Trump is not a conservative, or a Republican.  So what precisely are the lefties panicking about?  Well, he's white, so that's bad.  And a non-female, so that's also bad.  Reasons enough for hatred and despair.  A non-minority president is politically incorrect.  Cuz I'm sure only half-white is a minority, and I'm sure that female is a minority, although not numerically.  But what after all do words mean, really.  They mean whatever we want them to mean.  Humpty Dumpty for President!  Hillary Dumpty?  Donald Dumpty?  Make it work.

Trump throughout his life seems to have been a pragmatic centrist Democrat.  A rare bird.  Because of the trauma of the past few centuries of the interminable Obama terms, all our idealism and expectations have been honed down to the sharp point of practicalities.  We are willing to compromise.   No more need for messiahs.  The One quickly revealed himself to be the Zero.  I will now be grateful for an Oval Office caretaker who is not actively against America.  What a relief.

Trump did a cynical evaluation, and saw his path clear on the right rather than the left, and  that's what he opted for.  Okay.  Now we're done with the populism and nativism and other useless isms, and reality as it is must be faced.  Actual polices, put in place via lawful processes.  My, that would be such a bracing change.  We'll see.

Trumped talked himself into a corner, re the moronic WALL that Mexico will PAY for.  Hopefully there will be a graceful way to slip the bonds of that surly pledge.  Because, you see, we never did need a wall before, so why now?  Enforce just laws, and everything is awesome.  We'll be livin' the Dream.  Wouldn't it be nice if it were, like, Americans who could be government-sponsored Dreamers?  Imagine all the people, living in the harmony of a rule-of-law culture, like the way we used to think was good.  Ah, youth.

Had the unspeakable, if not the unthinkable occurred, and Hillary had ascended to her ambition, what would we of the stricken Right have done?  Rioted and looted?  The past two horrors I mean elections have answered that question.  We, adults, abide by the social contract, whereby previously agreed-upon rules are respected.  Was there ongoing  public grief?  I don't remember.  Certainly, in my case, decorous private grief.  We need not speak of that.  But there simply is no such thing as conservative rioting.

This is what happens when the opinion of children is thought to matter.  We have to pretend that unicorns are real.  And gay marriage.  And gender changes.  And anthropogenic global warming.  Pick a trope. Pick a Trump. Pikachu.  Picayune.  No, we don't need police with military-grade armaments.  But teargas would be nice.  These children need a bedtime, and they need to be silent or at least respectful in the presence of their elders.   Because their judgment is worthless, and their influence has been toxic.

I pointed out to someone today that the reason the non-plurality candidate won is that the blue states are so very very blue.  What does that tell us?  That liberals cluster together much more densely than conservatives.  Because, you see, they cannot abide a diversity of political opinions.  The locust effect.  Bad money drives out good, and liberals drive out conservatives?  --  or flee from them?  Indeed, the right thinks the left is stupid, and the left thinks the right is evil.  Neither opinion is truly true, but one is toxic.  In fact, Republicans are stupid, and Democrats engage in no sort of thought process whatsoever.  Statistically, that is.

As for the current rediscovery of the Electoral College, by this latest crop of lefty voters, allow me to possite a hypothetical.  Do you suppose that if Trump had DOUBLED his own advertising budget, to MATCH that of Hillary, he might have purchased, peeled away from her, the 0.15 percent of voters he needed to win the popular vote?  If the BILLIONS spent by the Mainstream Media-sponsored Left (with the by-definition MEGA-BILLIONS of FREE advertising slash propaganda thereby donated, gratis and no charge and non-stop) were not sufficient to sway the Electoral College -- then, by what large popular margin would Trump have WON, on an equal playing field?

So much for hypotheticals.

I don't think I'm back.  But the oppression is lifting.  Sauron has lost his grip even upon Mordor, DC.  A green thing might grow.    This is what the world looks like, after the Flood.


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