Thursday, November 17, 2016

Two Problems

By a margin of less than 1% we faced a world without an America.  I'm not sure -- did we dodge a neutrino, or an asteroid.  "Bullet" just doesn't say it.  Now, that fraction of a percent was in the wrong direction -- toward annihilation.  Not the majority of Americans, or of eligible voters, or illegal voters -- but of registered voters who voted ... plus illegal votes, fraud etc.  'Democracy' almost committed suicide.  So, once again, we can thank the Founding Fathers.

Lefties won't see it that way, but that's because the blind cannot see.  See?  The cry, the whine peeps out, direct election.  Win the plurality of the national vote and the office goes to that person.  Someone pointed out that, by such logic, since 3 million more Congressional  votes were cast nationally for Republicans, then all the seats should go to Republicans.  Direct popular national election.  It's a fair comparison.  Of course, it is local districts only that select their representative, and it is states only that cast deciding votes for the presidency.  Individuals vote for Congress, States vote for the President.  Electoral College.  Which just saved America.

I did not expect it.  I had two major problems with Trump.  First, I did not think he was electable.  I am deeply grateful that I was so very wrong (thanks to the Electoral College).  I did not see the complete corruption of the media -- how thoroughly biased and dishonest it was.  Yeah, sure, I knew.  But I didn't.  Lesson learned?  Never never never never ever never ever ever believe them.  They lie lie lie.  There is no news coverage.  It is all a means to an end.

Propaganda only.  It's just hard to comprehend the breadth and depth of it.  Most of it isn't conspiracy.  It's just that they have taken control of those particular controls. It's not that I believed.  But I was prepared to despair.  It was very difficult to contemplate, the death of America.  Like the extinction of the last, great, gigantic sauropod -- or, to avoid the implication of obsolescence, the last, uh, blue whale.  Something huge and grand and noble.  Senselessly shot down dead by the Bluestate Bwanas of the Pink Instrumentality.  America?  Fuck it.  It was difficult.

They did a good job.  Superb.  Created the ideal hothouse to nurse this fainting-couch generation -- coddled and curdled, programmed to succumb either to the vapors or to conniption fits.  Retrograde, then, we go, back to a protoscientific age, Steam-hipsters,  the New Victorians, deeply bigoted idealists, bearing not the White Man's burden, but the Brown/Black/Rainbow Gay ... not so much Yellow ... Man's and Woman's and Transgender's Burden.  No, sorry, I got the order wrong -- start with Transgender, and leave out Man.  I had not thought we could have a cohort more loathsome, more morally derelict  than my own, the Boomers.

I kid, because I love.

My other problem with Trump was the hucksterism -- lowest common denominator, snake-oil salesman just as enthusiastic but less polished than Obama with his announcement of the very moment the rise of the seas began to slow.  Oh, by the way, that moment was in the balmy Denver evening of June 4, 2008.  Obama was chanting to the young, inexperienced, callow of judgment -- idealistic and unpracticed as to the ways of the real world and any actual disappointment re hard work and experience.  So they get a pass, those emoting kids -- a pass for Term One.  Term Two however is without excuse, and they will bear the personal guilt of it as I will never have to deal with the consequences of my own long-ago vote for Dukakis.  We are allowed one and only one aberration into emotional voting (I just did not like the broken 'read my lips no new taxes' promise ... or maybe it was the switch on "Voodoo economics" -- anyways, I'm more pragmatic now).

Trump got it right though.  Americans want stupid.  Stupid Obama promises about the end of racism, and stupid Trump promises about a wall ... etc.  But I can fall back on my old observation, that Americans are stupid because human beings are stupid.   Indeed, there was a point, in my mourning, when I understood as never before the Left's eagerness to denounce America.  Now I too could denounce it.  To elect Hillary?  Dumbfounding.

But we dodged our destiny.  Somehow, God has not allowed us to hand ourselves over to perdition.  Yet.  Yet.

And now I think Trump is done with the disgrace of campaigning.  He is still the apparently thin-skinned tweeter, but this is not substantive.  I am deeply pleased with the talk re his Cabinet.  I would love to see Giuliani and Gingrich and Bolton, etc in power.  Manifestly competent, and I'm past the need for purity. Perhaps Larry Arnn is considered as Sec of Education.  Amazing.

I feel no homoerotic tingle up my leg, as did the Left for Obama.  The post-election Trump so far as I have seen is dignified, serious, and thereby admirable.  Let it be so.

There's quite a bit more I have to say, and if I don't say it now I never may, but we'll just have to see.  I consider myself free of all ethical claims by the world upon myself.  I will do as I please, and you will celebrate my diversity.



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