Friday, November 18, 2016

Not My President

Not my country.  Not my concern.

Not my responsibility.

My planet, my environment, my diversity, my emotions, my hysteria, my student debt.

Not my bigotry, my cowardice, my fear, my hypocrisy.  Not my intolerance for intolerance.

Duty?  What's that?  Doody.  That's a funny word.  Poopie.  Hee hee.

Never fracking.  Never plastic bags.  Never Trump.

Not my gender.  Not my masculinity.  Not my penis, large, medium or small -- not whatever standard of preference applies to vaginas.  Not my chest, my breasts. Not my womb.  Not my fetus.  My anus.  My nipples.

Not up or down, yes or no, right or wrong.

No no no no no.

Me.  Only me. Mine.  Me.  Me.


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