Friday, December 2, 2016

Gen James Mattis

It is astounding and inexplicable that a nation as unworthy as America should find its secular savior in Donald Trump.  It is not yet proven to be so.  But it could be, might, may be.  Yes, it may be -- it is allowed.

The evidence is not in graceful displays of media savvy, such as a ballyhooed  deal with some AC manufacturer.  A mere 1000 jobs?  Come now.  Picayune.  Why, there are billions of humans on the Planet.  He'd need more than 800 such meager and statistically meaningless coups to match Obama's record, of 17 trillion jobs created in these 59 (fifty-nine) north american states.  True, granted, admitted, it's the beginning of a start of sorts.  But Bush lied.

 Better and truer evidence is in the stellar selection of Mad Dog Mattis to be Secretary of War.  The Heavenly Chorus rejoices!  What.  A.  Man.  He is a rainbow in the sky.  My heart leaps up.  A tingle runs up my soul.  Have your spellchecker learn that name.

Says Stanton Coerr of his first meeting with then-Colonel Mattis, as a newly-minted Marine captain:
He stood to greet me, and offered to get coffee for me. He put a hand on my shoulder; gave me, over my protestations, his own seat behind his desk; and pulled up a chair to the side. He actually took his phone off the hook—something I had thought was just a figure of speech—closed his office door, and spent more than an hour knee-to-knee with me.
This was not a photo op, not about optics or 'sending a message'.  Not a "red-line", not an "I don't bluff".  When I grow up I want to be a man who met a man like this.  What this is, is an example of a very busy man who understands that by investing honest courtesy, extraordinary graciousness, in an initial meeting with a subordinate, he buys and earns the potential for undying and selfless loyalty.  By taking this time, he gives himself the ability to deligate.  His officers will work immeasurably harder, with diligence.   He inspires a yearning in a young man's heart to be worthy of the esteem of his superior.  He ensures that it is not the uniform, but its wearer who is saluted.

Day after day, for years and decades, James Mattis has honed and polished his character so that every honorable man whom he has met will repay such courtesy with the loyalty that is the highest virtue of righteous fighting men.  When Lincoln spoke of consecration by the full measure of devotion -- this is the conduct and character that merits such devotion.

The story is told that after his retirement in 2013, Gen Mattis took a road trip.  He visited all the Gold Star families of the fallen Marines who had served under his command.  He did so alone.  He took pains to avoid all publicity.  That is everything that truly needs to be said, of the character of this man.

There are always such men.  So very rarely are they raised to the truest heights of their ability and worth.  If this be a sign of our future, then, indeed, God has blessed America, and we are mantled in grace.

I had not thought I could any longer weep for the beauty of this nation.

Thank you, Donald Trump.


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