Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Psychological Study

On myself. Or of myself. Point being, there arose an instantaneous loathing when I stumbled upon, stepped in, a very, ahem, liberal blog. The kind that just imagines it's right? The kind that's full of self-satisfaction? The kind that loves to call names. What's that you say? - the mirror-image of this site? Oh, but how wrong you are! The blog in question can only be understood, if you suppose, say, Helmut Crisp wrote it. Get it? Accusation stands for evidence. A bowl full of begged questions. In other words, typical. The intellect behind it uses, for instance, the phrase Red State Soviets. Such searing wit. I will leave it to you to enumerate the errors in such a trope. I count seven.

But that's not the point. The point is my instant loathing, like inadvertently getting something sticky and smelly on your hands. It might be my reaction to disloyalty. Or to the attack-dog mentality - so unthinking, so blind. Or to the utter wrongness of it. But the thing of it is, I don't have any insights into this reaction of mine. I can observe it, and offer some superficial ideas, but there's nothing deep, here. I get the enemy - the declared enemy. But these people ... I don't get treachery. It is the reflexive repulsion that decency feels for depravity, but that's just another observation, not an explanation.

I did explore this, a bit, in Travail, but even there my conclusion was, either you get it or you don't. I understand my loathing - it is of something disgusting. But I don't understand why liberals - by which I mean this sort of liberal - are so disgusting. Disgust is an entirely emotional reaction - a learned response. An infant has no problem doing, frankly, some disgusting thing. We protect them from continuing in it. We teach them better.

Ah, I'm getting a glimmer. Liberals haven't learned something that is fundamental. They lack an essential. And they are articulate enough to disguise this deficit as something right. I imagine there are as many conservative perverts as there are liberal ones. I imagine so - probably wrong, but who knows ... and let's say it's so. The difference, then, between a liberal and a conservative pervert, is that the liberal would claim his perversion is right, natural, normal, good. The conservative would be ashamed. A litmus test, then. You know where you stand, lib or con, by your level of tolerance for the unacceptable.

So it isn't the irrationality of liberals, or their delusional outlook. It's not even that they think they're right, when they're so wrong. It's that they are like babies who never grow out of doing disgusting things, and refuse to learn better, and refuse to stop. Eventually they stop being babies, and remain, only, disgusting. Hence, my loathing.


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