Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good News

Claude Castonguay, the Quebecois grand old man of the current health-care system in Canada, now says his forty-year-old brain child is in midlife-crisis. “We thought we could resolve the system’s problems by rationing services or injecting massive amounts of new money into it.” Alas, socialism is like cocaine -- exciting at first, then debilitating. The social doctor prescribes a radical procedure: “We are proposing to give a greater role to the private sector so that people can exercise freedom of choice.”

Cuz, y'see, government in Canada, and everywhere else, is all about deciding whether or not the exercise of freedom will be allowed. There is no difference between freedom and freedom of choice.

Per Hot Air, Castonguay "has realized -- a little late -- that socializing medicine creates a shortage-management system. It limits the resources available, which drives down the level and the quality of service. Without free-market competition and under a burdensome regulatory scheme, there are no incentives for investment..."

Ah, so that's how economies work. Castonguay's fix for Canada is a dual system that would allow private insurance. Government monopolies seem not quite as responsive as idealism may wish to individual needs and the satisfactory meeting thereof. This realization has proven to be a profound mystery to the Left. Not a Mystery in the theological sense -- the Left fails to recognize the legitimacy of the concept of the theological. The mystery to them is how it could be that private, individual effort could be more effective and beneficial than that of some bureaucracy. Initiative to the left is a term reserved solely for an annoying and inconvenient technique of circumventing state legislatures.

On an entirely unrelated note, the drop out rate of Los Angeles high school stoodints is precisely 33%. That means, if you imagine in your head, or have them standing in front of you, these three dudes, who go to high school, then one of these three, but you don't know which, necessarily, and anyways it isn't important, will drop out. See? You have three, and take away one. That means you have two left, and the one you took out, he's the one who dropped out, and the other two, that you didn't take away, they're the ones who did NOT drop out. It's like you have two friends, and so there are three of you all together, and then one of your two friends says, like, hey dude, schools a drag, and I'm gonna stop going ("drop out") and go surfing and take drugs all day long. And you're all, like, whatever dude. Have a nice life. I wisht I could drop out too but my old lady will git mad so I'll just sit in some class and collect my diploma.

That's how government schools work. Funnily enough, the graduation rate in LA is not 66%. That's just how many don't DROP OUT. All together, fully half of all high school students do not graduate. Others get killed in gun battles, or drug overdoses, or drivebys, or botched government abortions, or things like that. Fifty percent, by the way, is a grade of F.

The excellent thing about the 50% failure rate of LA and the homicidal Canadian disease system is that poor and dead people have a minuscule carbon footprint. So they're saving the world. It used to be that saving the world required you to go to war against Nazis. That's politically incorrect though. Now, saving the world means changing your lightbulbs to something greener. So, uh, hurrah! We're saved!


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