Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I've taken down the most recent post, and one that I had up for about 15 minutes. Dealing with the drama of several months ago, when I was repulsed from the place I used to roll. Someone had emailed me to express a few thoughts about the matter, and to wish me well, and in the course of my response I put out an idea about how it had been precipitated, which this fella said was unlikely, offering his observation, and some things he'd heard. Vague enough? But the idea was put out that I'd been just betrayed -- someone instigated the matter, goading or provoking and manipulating. I don't know. I wasn't there. But it was bothersome, the idea that someone who had made clear claims of friendship would have played an active role in a betrayal.

So I laid it out, the observations I'd heard, and my thoughts on the matter, and emailed the guy. Of course he is outraged at the idea that someone could have a wrong opinion about his actions. Somehow, I feel I can relate to that. The point is, I would not do to him what they did to me -- form hateful opinions without giving someone a chance to respond.

K and R have a right to any opinion they want. They can hate my blog and they can hate me. They have a right to exclude me from their business. They do not have the right to damage my friendships, and not allow me a chance to respond. They do not have the right to not face the person they have taken substantial harmful action against. The fact that they've done this, slammed the door and made threats, is what makes them cowards. I will say it to their faces, if the opportunity presents itself. The fact that they know where my family lives disturbs me. That's how cowardly I think they are. One more than the other.

We hear a lot about forgiveness. It's what we should do. When they repent. When they don't repent, we should still forgive them. But we can't trust them. It's like this. I can forgive them for being bitches. But they'll still be bitches. I just won't let that fact poison me.

So this fellow I emailed, and I, we're gonna go to Starbucks. Ah. At last!


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