Sunday, May 3, 2009


Dear Jack H --

Thank you so much for your fantastic Infinite Dinosaurs Program! It truly is amazing. It has changed my whole life. I used to be lethargic and run down, but since starting your fantastic IDP! program I have so much pep and vigor.

I am pleased to endorse your amazing
Infinite Dinosaurs Program™!

Yours Very Truly,

George H.W. Bush
(remunerated endorsement)

Such well-known celebrities as Macaulay Culkin, Frank Stallone, Huey Lewis, and the late Mel Torme have benefited from the InfiniDinoPro™! method of energy alignment, sculpting and toning! Bruce Jenner swears by it! Just listen:

"In my long career as an athlete and celebrity spokesperson/actor on such highly rated television programs as "CHiPs," "Murder, She Wrote," "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" and "Dancing With the Stars,"and also such movies as Gym Teacher: the Movie and Can't Stop the Music, also starring the sensational Village People, I have never before encountered such a program as the Infinite Dinosaurs Program™! Jack H, M.Sc., and his team of highly trained staff of professionals has put together something that has something for everybody."

Valerie Bertinelli has this to say: "I first met Jack H way back in 1976, and wished he'd spoken to me then. Not a day has passed since then where I stopped thinking about him. Now that he has come back into my life thanks to the Infinite Dinosaurs Program!, I would never return to the old me. He is my reason for living. So tall, so blond and handsome, and so sexy. I dream about him all the time. Oh Jack, I think, you are so beautiful. I cannot live without you. Come to me now, and take me, savagely, you mad, passionate mad man. I yield myself before your awesome manliness like a rosebud opening to the glorious rays of morning sunlight."

Mackenzie Phillips says, "I was a skanky crack-hag pizza face before I started the Infinite Dinosaurs Program™! Now my acne has totally vanished and I don't always smell like baloney anymore. InDiPro™! is the Way To Go! Thank you, Jack H and Infinite Dinosaurs. You truly are a miracle worker."

Can YOU afford not to take advantage of the sensational cutting edge breakthroughs offered for the first time anywhere in the Infinite Dinosaurs Program™!? The answer is NO! You CANNOT! In 15 clearly thought-out and presented InfiniDinoPro™! courses, you will learn to master and completely dominate such dynamic and vital innovative topics as Incremental Velocity™ and Integral Veclusion™, Tonal Tonics™, MacroFascial Flexic Blast™, the IVANalytical Protocol™, the Weekly IGORganizer™, and of course the award-winning P-Factor Exclusion Activator™! Time to TAKE CHARGE and reap the REWARDS!

You CANNOT fail not to neglect THIS offer! Act NOW! You'll be glad YOU did!

Jack Haitch, B.A., M.Sc.,
Pres. and CEO,
InfiniDinoPro Enterprises, LLC

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