Saturday, May 15, 2010


Qbama, because he has the highest IQ of any president ever. He is so smart. I just can't get over it. The way he leads the chanting against those stupid Repugnantuns. Man we hate them so much. They drove the economy into a DITCH! And they want the keys back. NO! Qbama is so presidential, the way he leads like that. We HOPED for CHANGE! We CHANGE our HOPE! No, I don't know what that means, but man it sounds so good. It's Qbamaworthy.

And Qbama will not TOLERATE all the blaming, from those executives and stuff. Man is that reassuring, to hear that the resident is against the big oil companies and stuff. It's good to know who the enemy is. Make them pay! All that money they have. Greedy basterds. I hate them too. Stealing all that money from us by selling us oil, who the hell do they think they are. We should fine them all and take their money and redistribute it fairly.

I'm reading a collection of Red Smith columns -- oldtime sports writer. There is no sport that I like. Even the sports that I like, I don't like. I like gymnastics, and boxing, and bjj. Don't watch it. Very moderately interesting. But I like to read good writing about boxing, and maybe a few other sports. So, Red Smith. Wrote from the 30s into the early 80s. A 70s piece talks about how he bucked the trend, and became more liberal as he aged. Then he used that gem of a word, the Establishment. Lord, what a time machine. Conservatives, you see, are for the Establishment, and liberals are for the little guy. He actually said it. I don't know if it was ever actually true. Leftism after all is nothing but Establishment. Point is, now, in this current epoch, so irretrievably removed from that far off age whence echoes Smith's voice, the Establishment, by which we must assume is meant Government, the Man, is the Darling of the Left.

The World Turned Upside Down.

Well. I'm sure I had a point. I've forgotten, engrosses as I just was, interrupted, having a conversation with a young fellow who asked me who the worst president ever was. Obama? No, Franklin Pierce. And I ended up in Vietnam, Urbanization and WHAM, and there was actually a bit of emotion on my part as I described the evacuation, retreat, betrayal, at the Saigon Embassy. April 30, 1975. Anniversary! Did you remember? -- the helicopters? Was there anything in the news? Parades? I didn't notice.

It has to do, then, with loyalty. Faithfulness. Being true to truth. Truth is reality. See? Not theory. Not fantasy. How do we know what's true? We know it from experience, from what has worked, what has been demonstrated to work, in the past. So all this hype about change leaves me cold. Intelligence without reference to reality is called insanity. You heard it here first.

And that's the end of the story. We all lived happily ever after.



Will C. said...

I dunno but I'ma gonna do my part ta fight tha good fight by adding some salt to my heinz, buy me something made in Arizonee, and git me a Nikki Haley bout you Jackie?

Jack H said...

Will C, also known as The Cryto-Lib. Heinz. As in Heinz-Kerry. Oh, I see through your game. Salt, as in SALT, Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty. Did you know we have 5113 nuclear warheads? What a relief, to know that -- I mean for the Russians and Islamists and Red Chinese to know that. Because now they don't have to TRY to find out. That would create bad feeling. See? So it's a goo I mean good thing.

As for the rest of your coded secret message to your traitorous comrades with whom you communicate via my blog comment area, I have to admit that I have not yet cracked your "Arizona" cypher. I know it has something to do with secret Navajo code talk. It's just a matter of time. I'm working on it.

Will C. said...

Ah, just like in Three Days of the Condor. You playing the cool, deadly, but sympathetic Max Von Sydow to my unorthodox, creative, yet naive Redford. I'm game.