Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Representative Anthony Weiner (D - NY) of the 9th Congressional District today continued to deny tweeting a pic of his undie-clad semi-erect unit:

When queried as to whether the unit in question was his, Rep. Weiner replied he could not say with certitude. "My collection of semi-erect unit shots is quite extensive!" he ejaculated during the press conference. "I cannot permit myself to go digging through boxes and boxes looking for this particular shot of me just to make you Republicans happy. Important business of State needed to be attended to, like stopping Global Warming!" he averred. "My Twitter account was hacked, hacked I say, by nefarious forces out to destroy me, and the Planet, via this harmless prank. I can't get over how obsessed you are with this trivial atrocity, the identity of this suspect manly unit!"

Oh, no, this is the picture I meant.

Sorry, ladies. I try to maintain a high level of moral erectitude in these pages, but news is what it is. I would have made the image smaller, but there's a sizing glitch ... maybe I've been hacked.

I think it's semi-erect. Mine doesn't go in that direction.

In typical homophobic fascist style, the Rightwing Media attack dogs are characterizing Weiner's undies as "tighty whities." This is clearly incorrect. The undies are actually gray, and boxer briefs. See the difference, morons?
Tighty whities

Boxer briefs


Not Weiner's unit

Sheesh. Morons.


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