Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Progress Report

I've been watching a lot of gay porn lately. There's a cable show called 1 Girl 5 Gays, which says it all. Talk show, on something called Logo, not a Christian channel. One of the commercials was a bunch of drag queens ... a gaggle? bustle? ah, a glee of drag queens, sashaying on a runway or in a hallway or something, coming in and out of doors, not closets, while giving condom advice. Quite tasteful. I forget what the advice was. But 3 out of 4 AIDS cases are gay males, and a quarter of those are unaware that they're infected. Good to know.

The show is this chick, lesbian I seem to have gleaned, asking questions, and the dudes all chime in. What line would you use to pick up a guy in a bar ("I'd ask him what he thought of my eyebrows"). Describe the lips of the guy sitting to your left (I missed the answers). In a 24 hour period, what's the most penises you've had in your mouth (no zeros: one to 20 -- "What, you've never been in an orgy?"). Whose life coach would you be? ("Sarah Palin -- I'd give her all this shit-advice." ("Oh, I hate her so much." ("I do too.")))

Some of them have the stigmata, lisps and odd vowels. Well, I have an odd vowel. They are all committed, of course, to their lifestyle choices. Lots of fashion, lots of grooming, lots of verbal mannerisms. Of the guys on this show, who's the most rebellious? None of them. They all conform perfectly to their culture.

I don't know. I think we've lost. I think it's too late. Gays openly in the military. So what. Except it's a movement away from one thing and toward another. Legal gay marriage. So what. Except now what's the argument against polygamy? Against incest? Against sex with "mature" 16 year olds, or 14, or 12, or 8? I taught 4th graders who had breasts, large ones. Very mature. All social limits, all mores, are arbitrary. Somebody decided, most others agreed, and society was cohesive -- a necessary element in the definition of society.

Short of a Black Death or a global cataclysm, or takeover by ChiComs or a Great Awakening, there is no hope. These things can happen, but they are rare (plagues) or catastrophes (asteroid strikes), or localized (absorption of Tibet) or miracles (salvation). In other words, unlikely. So what remains for us? The political will follow the social, and this decline will be answered by some horrific and repressive movement from the left, perhaps disguised as the right. It's just a matter of the timeline.

Consider this incredible Occupy thing. Thing is a weak word, but I can't think of a better. Movement is clearly wrong. Phenomenon is not it. Ploy might work, organized as it is by Soros cabals and leftist unions and Canadian radicals. Utterly moronic. They're demonstrating against ... greed? Puh. Thetic. They want all debt forgiven? My mind is boggled. A living wage for all, working or unemployed? Need I say it? Why work at all then? If you can't support yourself, move in with your grandmother. Stupidity does not say it. It is a moral blindness. Like thinking that having 20 penises in your mouth within a 24 hour period is just a thing that can happen when you chance to find yourself at an orgy. Hey there, glad to meet you, I'm Xantu ... here, let me suck your dick. And why not. It's nice to have your dick sucked. Who could turn down an offer like that? Would you? I admit that I have, turned down a few over the years, flattering though it be, but I'm not a normal man. Nice to be paid $20 an hour for being unemployed. Nice to think that behavior should follow desire.

Describe yourself. I have a brutal forehead, an arrogant nose, angry lips, a dimpled chin, sad and watchful eyes, a muscular neck, broad shoulders, narrow waist, wide hips, bow legs. Blond, blue eyes, more hairy than not, lean, almost sallow, increasingly asymmetrical. I don't lie, I will never betray, I weep easily, I rarely trust, sporadically brilliant, underachieving, broken, valuable, not normal, holding my breath. I crave nobility. Of more or less, I am less than I am.

Flawed, then. But it is men like me, you, who will save America, if we do. How? How? America does not have parents. TV, and schools, and peers, and so on, have passively conspired to undermine discernment. Even the not-impressive education I got in the 60s and 70s was orders of magnitude better than the warehouse system we have now. It's not enough to parent our own kids. We have to parent the adults around us. How do you do that? Quietly, patiently, subtly. With moral authority that is discovered, not declared.

But I'm being an idealist. For there to be hope, there has to be a God.



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