Saturday, October 22, 2011

What If Cannabis Cured Cancer

As I was wet-vaccing the gym floor in my capacity as parttime night janitor, I was also listening to the local communist homosexual radio station. It's their Fall fund drive, and they were touting the cancer fighting miracle of marijuana. Well. Quite a wonderful thing after all! And did you know that the very document of the Constitution of the United States of America was actually written on hemp paper? And can you name one single person in the history of the world who ever died even once from marijuana excluding of course accidents and shit? Why, you'd have to smoke 15 tons in an hour and then you'd just die from lack of oxygen, lol. Um, and, you don't even know the real history of cannabis, it's been used medicinally for centuries and in 1974 the University of Virginia did studies that showed cannabis stopped tumor growth but the US government shut it down. And the body has receptors for isocannaboloids that occur naturally in the body and increase appetite and cause cancer cells to die. Lots of really good science, literally dozens of studies, and a new video documentary narrated by Peter Coyote.

Who knows. Maybe it's true. Of course it's coming from the same Global Warming crowd that thought An Inconvenient Truth proved some sort of actual case. But maybe it's true. Of course it's the same mindset that thinks occupying public parks, bridges and streets is a terrific way to share the wealth and eliminate greed, crony capitalism and, uh, greed. But maybe it's true? Even if it is from the UFO vaccine/autism crowd.

Well. I have such an abiding and profound contempt for drug use, it's hard for me to be open minded. Truth, however, is truth. Lot's of toxic things act as medicine. The body has receptors for opioids as well -- is that an argument for heroin? Of course there are receptors. Otherwise the drugs wouldn't have the effect users love so much. Duh.

But what if it is true? Then I do, really, have to change my position. I don't like that. But I realize that I don't respect alcohol or its use, and its benefits are, um, negligible. There are entrenched social evils, that we have to find ways to live with. Minimal levels of abuse, but abuse there will be. Prostitution. Public, and private, intoxication. Deliberately inhaling noxious smoke. Moronic.

It's just these moronic people who argue for it. I have such contempt for them, or rather for their discernment, therefore their character.

Ah well. Just had to share my dilemma. Because maybe it's true.


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